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Pick up a tenner

Those running events or planning trips may like to know that the excellent BBC five-day weather forecast has today added a new 10-day option, complete with probability ratings.

Glug it down

Glug Birmingham, 12th November 2014, on character design and illustration.

It’s a typo

BIAD typography talks for designers, Birmingham.

Photography Oxford

The Photography Oxford Festival looks like it’s made a fine debut. Exhibitions pages.

BitTorrent Sync

Just bookmarking this here for easy future reference: BitTorrent Sync offers free ‘cloud file transfer without the cloud’, across all PCs and devices. It works by Bittorrent, so… “Sync doesn’t store data in one central repository that can be tapped by the NSA and others.” Wired article on Sync.


New file-dropping site, free, up to 5Gb per file: YDRay.