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“Come, friendly Londoners, and fall on Brum…”

Where are downshifting Londoners moving to, as they seek to cash in on the high house prices and to find better schools? Hint: it’s not socialist run Wales. Surprisingly, the main destination appears to be Birmingham… “The most popular destination was Birmingham” Possibly not the first place that came into London minds when they were […]

The ideal page count for a magazine?

From the major Magazine Reader Experience Study research, undertaken for the American Association of Magazine Editors / Magazine Publishers of America… “Key Findings: … Across magazines, page count has no impact on reader usage.” On having a longer page count, in regard to the extra space available in PDF and other digital-only magazines, only 23% […]

DIY Google StreetView

Disappointed that Google StreetView doesn’t cover your favorite bit of the Midlands? Google has just launched a new tool that enables anyone to make a set of StreetView photos, and upload them to Google Maps. You can also use it create a virtual tour inside a building, for your visitors. I imagine there’s going to […]


New online toolset called Splash, for organising and running large events. Splash… “powers the entire event process, from the invitation and the customizable landing page to event emails, analytics and budgeting.” It also adds real-time steaming of audience event photos, pulled from Facebook etc. It seems to be missing a ‘Special Guests and Speakers’ online […]

Light art in Wolverhampton

An interesting article on a recent light-art extravaganza in Wolverhampton city centre, which I was sorry to miss. It followed the city’s light art trial in their Junction 2012 festival. And Wolverhampton had previously staged real excellence in outdoor light art, and on a grand scale, namely the magnificent “Charge” event that took over the […]

Killer rice, or not

I recently heard from a friend about “bacteria in room-temperature cooked rice”. It was news to me, and for years I’ve often reheated plain boiled rice. Now it seems the BBC is stirring the idea into a nascent panic. But, hang on, let’s first take a look at the actual number of cases in the […]

Pier into the past

Mmmm, bracing: Llandudno in February is hosting the two day conference Digital Past 2014… Digital Past is a two day conference which showcases innovative digital technologies for data capture, interpretation and dissemination of heritage sites and artefacts.