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Birmingham’s decline

The LSE’s Spatial Economics Research Centre has a very interesting historical insight on how Birmingham’s decline began, Booming Birmingham and the Need for Rebalancing. The LSE has dug up a long factual quote from Smith and Sutcliffe’s History of Birmingham, Vol. III: Birmingham, 1939-70 (Oxford University Press, 1974) showing how the 1945 Labour government actively […]

Amazon Storyteller

Amazon Storyteller, a new storyboarding service for the masses…

Innovative comics

A very nice survey of innovations in comic-books: character thought bubbles revealed in ultra-violet light; comics designed to be read from multiple angles; a braille comic for the blind; 80-foot tall comic book as an outdoor projection on a building; blending comics with children’s pop-up books; and more.

Got it MADE

Loadsajobs on offer at MADE in Birmingham.