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BBC and the Midlands

A strong article in yesterday’s Birmingham Post newspaper, with deep facts and figures on the BBC’s systematic disprivileging of Birmingham and the Midlands. “Midland viewers pay £912.3 million in licence fees each year — but the BBC spends just £100 million here from a total budget of £4.1 billion.” “The corporation produced a report called […]

Disrupt Inc.

There’s an important new free report from the Royal Society of Arts, Disrupt Inc. (March 2013). Here’s what I took from it… This qualitative report interviewed many young under-30 entrepreneurs, who strongly criticised the UK’s business advice industry’s approach to supporting small startups. Especially the standard advisor routine of: have a chat; write a 20-page […]

It’s all going down the tubes…

“Britain’s 228,000 online retailers already export more than the rest of Europe’s e-retailers put together” — UKTI, March 2013.


Good to hear that the old Children’s Film Foundation films are finally to be rescued from cultural oblivion… “The British Film Institute recently acquired the complete [Children’s Film] Foundation collection and plans to release many of its films on DVD.” Two DVDs so far, London Tales and The Race Is On. Weird Adventures follows in […]

Social Enterprise West Midlands videos

Handy new set of basic advice videos, for those setting up a social enterprise, courtesy of Social Enterprise West Midlands.

Birmingham Arts & Science Festival

PDF brochure now online for The Arts & Science Festival, 18th to 24th March 2013 at the University of Birmingham. A ton of programming in there, but on a quick flick through I especially noted public lectures which include… * The Life and Times of William Hutton: Birmingham’s first historian 1723-1815. * Epic Win: the […]

Local government investment in the arts

A new pre-budget report, published by the Local Government Association (LGA): Driving growth through local government investment in the arts. The headline claim is that… “for every £1 spent by councils on the arts, leverage from grant aid and partnership working brings up to £4 in additional funding” Which implicitly suggests that many Councils know […]

British Council arts boost

Excellent news that the British Council has reportedly had its annual arts funding increased by 33%, an extra £14m. That’s great news for the UK’s creative industries exports.

Erasmus Darwin’s devices

Erasmus Darwin’s “robo duck”, built. Along with many other of his advanced designs, which until now have remained only as plans.