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Eno’s Oblique Strategies (and other systems), re-imagined for product design and similar creative conceptual tasks: Iterations…


New Birmingham photography hub to be located in the new Library of Birmingham… “a major £162,000 grant by Arts Council England to undertake a 2 year project to create a new strategic hub and network for photography and photographers in collaboration with national and international partners. The project will be called Grain.” […] “researching, developing […]

Pinterest automated

Getting a little lax in your Pinterest posting? Pingraphy lets you bulk-upload a bunch of Pinterest finds, then schedule when each of them appears live on Pinterest. Give the impression you’re a frantic Pinterester, while you’re actually doing other more useful stuff.

JURN checked for linkrot and updated

My JURN search-engine has had its full six-monthly check and update, via my repurposing some handy ‘dark side’ SEO software, with linkrot fully repaired. JURN searches and retrieves the full-text of over 4,400 free ejournals in the arts & humanities, 3,000 of which are in English.

Now ear this…

One of the most important TED talks of 2012…

Birmingham Architecture Festival 2013

The independent Birmingham Architecture Festival… “will be hosted in May 2013 with a series of events designed to inspire the public, creative communities, construction professionals and architects alike to engage with the city in fun, inventive and thought-provoking ways.” If you’d like to suggest an event, there are organiser contact details.

Bicycling in the blue sky

Back in 2007 D’log idly suggested an elevated aerial route cutting through Birmingham city centre… “I’d like to see an aerial off-road bicycle-path that would go from BIAD to the Custard Factory, and then the Custard Factory up to the city centre. Try making that “as the crow flies” journey on foot today, let alone […]

Photography & Narrative

Third-year undergraduate course in Photography & Narrative from Coventry University… “Photography and Narrative is a B.A. Hons. third-year undergraduate class […] ten weeks of practical study” But it’s also JISC-funded to run online as a free open course.