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Space Patrol in orbit, finally

I’ve finally been able to add Thomas Leer’s “Private Plane” (1979) to my definitive chronological-order music history collection, Space Patrol: the rise of early British electropop, 1977-1983. The collection is now complete. Freely available on Spotify… Track listing:— 01 – Ultravox! (Foxx & Eno) – “My Sex” (45rpm single, Jan 1977) 02 – Ultravox! (Foxx) […]

LOLcats in the London galleries

For the LOL of Cats, a LOLcats exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, until 6th January 2013. Followed by LOLcat: teh exhibishun at The Framers’ Gallery, also in London, opening 23rd January 2013.

Art and Walking

Tomorrow in Birmingham: Art and Walking… “a day of talks, walks and feasting. Starting at the Barber [Uni of Birmingham], learn how walking inspired many artists of the Romantic era, including Thomas Fearnley, then take a refreshing autumnal stroll along a scenic stretch of Birmingham’s canals to Brindley Place.

Faking It

Just opened in New York, the first major exhibition on Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 200 pictures. Until 27th January 2013, with sponsorship from Adobe. Above: Dora Maar, “Le simulateur” (1936). Simple two-picture photomontage: upside-down image of a sewer interior, with the boy pasted onto it. If you […]

Virtual Futures talk

A panel discussion tomorrow night (5pm-8pm) in Birmingham, at The Trove gallery. Virtual Futures will discuss “the technological extension of the human condition”. Tickets still available.

BM&AG opens Birmingham history galleries

The new BM&AG galleries for Birmingham’s history are now open…

Midlands Music Photography exhibition

Midlands Music Photography Exhibition, opens 27th October 2012 at Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

Curatorship workshop at the Barber

An interesting free art history curatorship workshop at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham. The date is Thursday 1st November 2012, and the workshop will discuss: the perceived loss of independent curatorial expertise and salaried posts in Britain’s major regional arts collections and museums; and the rise of new University research partnerships […]

TEDx Stoke: City 2.0

There was something uncannily gothic about much of today’s TEDx Stoke: City 2.0 event. The venue set the gothic mood, a vertiginous room at the very top of a high and crow-haunted tower, surrounded by a mist-shrouded landscape running away in all directions. Above: The YMCA Tower, the tallest public building in the city, on […]


CommsCamp is a Birmingham un-conference for communications professionals who are employed in the public sector. February 2013, with the first tranche of “Early Bird” tickets already gone.

Disable your keyboard’s CAPS LOCK key in Windows 7

The simple way to disable your keyboard’s CAPS LOCK key in Windows 7: 1.  Download my disable_caps_lock.reg 2.  Right-click on the file disable_caps_lock.reg 3.  Select “Merge”… 4.  Reboot your PC. Now your annoying CAPS LOCK key no longer does anything. Enjoy!

Hunt the app

Birmingham’s Hunt Emerson now has his own iPhone app…

New allotment

I’ve taken on my first allotment. Inevitably, there’s also a new blog for it.