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Ugh, just got a reminder that the Web is infested with adverts and other horrid flashing things. My Adblock Plus add-on for Chrome stopped working (last updated April 012). I installed the regular AdBlock (updated Sept 012) instead, and the Web is pure again.

Allotments: the documentary?

I expected to find a number of documentaries about the history of allotments in the British Isles, either on radio or video. But it seems they don’t exist. This is a rather surprising omission, given the UK’s eagerness to produce ‘heritage’ radio and TV on everything from Queen Elizabeth I’s bathing habits to the 1930s […]

History of the Necronomicon, annotated

H.P. Lovecraft’s “The History of the Necronomicon“, annotated by myself with 7,000 words of scholarly footnotes. I also have a new 25,000 word collection of essays on Lovecraft, available now…

Steampunk Skull & Crossbones

Steampunk Skull & Crossbones… I’ve made this Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial…

Birmingham Arts and Culture Summit

Via MidPoint… “Birmingham City Council is holding an Arts & Culture Summit on 18th-19th October 2012, at the University of Birmingham, to develop the next phase of the city’s cultural strategy. If you’re interested in attending, email: Frances Murphy at and ask to be placed on the invitation list.”

Brindley Place

A painter from Stoke encounters the curiously zealous ‘No Photographers / No Artists’ policy of Brindley Place. Above: photo by me.

Event: good news for the media

The British Museum has an evening exploring the need for ‘good news’, with the former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis. The participants see a need for more positive news. Having been interested in this topic for a while, I hope there will be some good news about the event being available later as a downloadable […]

Tweed Run, London

Tweed Run, London, an Autumn 2012 event for cyclists who wear tweed…


Has it really been three years since the last album by the Pet Shop Boys? Yes, Yes appeared way back in 2009. The PSB’s new album is officially out today. After a dozen listens, the sinuous and intelligent sound still continues to delight. Elysium is just as likeable as Yes, and yet somehow smoother. Tennant’s […]

Rootless Forest

Beth Derbyshire’s The Rootless Forest, a forest-on-a-narrowboat that will be floating from Birmingham to Walsall… “The Rootless Forest, a landscape and soundscape, is a new project by Beth Derbyshire, Wheatley Fellow, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD). The Rootless Forest is a mobile artwork, a mini-forest made of real trees and soil planted on […]

Kickstarter Handbook

With Kickstarter coming to the UK at the end of October (hopefully in a manner that gives us seamless access to the huge pool of US investors), new books such as The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs might be of interest.

Trading up

A useful article today, for those thinking of starting a independent shop. Now could be the time to take advantage of the many High St. retail vacancies, in order to get a nice site at a nice rent, or to “give it a try” on a short lease. On the factor of parking, I’d also […]

From Purgatory to Paradise…

Birmingham’s Hunt Emerson‘s graphic novel adaptation of Dante’s Inferno. Due very soon…

The Chap Olympiad

The Chap Olympiad, London, August 2012.

Last Shop Standing

Made in the Midlands, a crowd-funded feature-length documentary about independent record shops. Last Shop Standing is due for release on DVD on 10th Sept 2012…

Spooling about

New book on toy cameras and their users…