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Playing out

Playing out is a new grassroots website on how to temporarily reclaim your street from cars, so that the “new baby boom” generation of young kids can play in it…

Stealing places

Back in 2005 D’log mused… “could a place be “stolen”? I think it could. A team of people with sonic tape-measures, sketchbooks and digital cameras could “steal” a good chunk of the raw information needed to recreate a place” The Chinese just did it… “After a year of construction and a price tag of $940 […]

City Barber

The Barber in Birmingham has a large set of events on the programme for its Cityscapes. These include: * Photographing the City Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 September 2012, 11am – 4pm. * The Panoramic Vista Wednesday 3 October 2012. * Big Draw: Circular Cities Sunday 7 October 2012, 11am – 4pm. * Cinematic ‘Grand […]

Photography, the Archive and the City

A series(?) of BIAD talks in Birmingham, Photography, the Archive and the City… * 25th June: Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin (on artists working with museum archives). * 28th June: Alison Nordstrom (on revamping the Magnum picture library). * There seems to be a couple of others, pencilled in for July-Sept too: “Magnum Sport”; and […]

Silent Circle

One solution to the tabloid press phone-hacking problem… Phil Zimmerman (the cryptography hero, of PGP fame) has a new firm, Silent Circle… “encrypting phone calls for iPhone and Android, for $20/month”

v.01 show in Derby

Videos from the v.01 show in Derby, Feb 2012, devised by the technical team at Quad without the curators…

Museum of Endangered Smells

Does the UK needs a “Museum of Endangered Smells”? Perhaps in collaboration with perfume and chemical companies, who could make synthetic analogs of smells that can’t otherwise be captured through original materials.

BIAD’s new campus – back on the drawing board?

The High Speed 2 train line is dead, according to The Spectator. So perhaps BIAD will get to build a new art and design campus in front of the old Curzon Street station, after all. Although perhaps the architects should ensure it can be easily converted into a rail shuttle terminus, should the need arise […]

5-day BBC weather forecast gets an elegant design makeover

Loving the new design for the BBC five-day weather forecast on the Web… The forecast has become remarkably accurate over the last decade or so, especially at the 48 hour range. Anyone with old fashioned preconceptions about ‘not being able to trust a weather forecast’ might do well to think again in regard to their […]

The Kidsgrove to Stoke Ridgeway: a walk

My new free ebook, of nearly 100 pages: The Kidsgrove to Stoke Ridgeway: an elevated green route, to walk from Kidsgrove Station to Stoke Station (5Mb PDF). It photographs and describes a new ten-mile ridge walk, going all the way down the edge of the Stoke-on-Trent valley. I’d estimate that about eight miles of the […]

Inspirational Osamu Tezuka LOLz