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Wales Coastal Footpath opens

Excellent news that Wales has got its act together, on the idea of a continuous coastal footpath around the whole of the British Isles. The new 870 mile continuous path around Wales was officially opened yesterday, and has cost a mere £14-million (probably less than the price of a new leisure centre, and with an […]


Congratulations to Les Jones of Woore (a village west of Newcastle-under-Lyme in North Staffordshire, right on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border). His one-man creative magazine, titled Elsie, has just been voted one of the top ten new magazines of 2011, by the New York Library Journal. The Journal wrote that… “It’s a bit risky to select the […]

IDEAS economics articles on the creative industries and the arts

A new basic list of full-text -linked academic articles with records on the economics clearing site ‘IDEAS’ — all relating to the creative industries, the creative economy, and the economy of the arts.

‘The Feeble Case for Cluster Policies’ in cities

Interesting new academic paper, “California Dreamin’: The Feeble Case for Cluster Policies“, It strongly questions the once-fashionable idea that local business ‘clusters’ can be artificially constructed by public sector policy-makers, in their cities and city-regions… “Clusters are a complex second-order issue that wrongly receive first-order attention. More specifically, the case against clusters policies is in […]

1948 Olympians

The 1948 Summer Olympians, in new documentary portraits. The exhibition will reach the Midlands at Rugby, July – August 2012.

Two Universities Way

I’ve rustled up a quick new photo-guide pamphlet for walkers. The Two Universities Way describes and shows a new green five-mile walk, between Staffordshire University and Keele University. It’s been produced for the North Staffordshire Woodland Walks Week, happening in this first week of May 2012. Much of the walk is dominated by mature trees […]

Children’s Lives in Birmingham

Children’s Lives in Birmingham, a new Birmingham Archives project. Including an exhibition at the Gas Hall in the centre of Birmingham (until 10th June 2012). Judging by the website there’s nothing on children’s own street games, customs, and songs — part of the now almost-vanished children’s culture that was recorded by the likes of Iona […]

OONI monitors your ISPs censorship level, shares the data

Tor developers Arturo Filasto and Jacob Appelbaum have released the OONI-probe, an… “open-source software tool designed to be installed on any PC and run to collect data about local meddling with the computer’s network connections, whether it be website blocking, surveillance or selective bandwidth slowdowns [forced by the service provider]. OONI will allow anyone to […]