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Exhibitions are not enough

Interesting new research paper online at Artists’ Newsletter, Exhibitions are Not Enough: publicly-funded galleries and artists’ professional development… “large organisations applying for NPO [Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations status] funding should be required to instigate programmes that share their knowledge and skills with smaller arts bodies” “historic galleries need to make a stronger case for […]

Talk About Local, Birmingham April 2012

A somewhat less-than-interesting day today, at the Talk About Local hyperlocal media event in Birmingham, although the people were charming etc. Not bad, but not quite as fab as I was expecting. 11:15 The first morning sessions were: Law; Hype Your Local; Data and Smart Cities, Disabled Access, and ‘Is the Social Media Bubble Going […]

Experian, The 2012 Digital Marketer

Excellent new free 154-page report from marketing behemoth Experian: The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report (PDF, sadly no Kindle ereader edition). Unsurprisingly, Pinterest is now the No.3 social media platform. It’s accessible, addictive, fun, and doesn’t demand huge brain power. For simple reading it’s like flipping though an all-in-one-place image-heavy magazine, that’s both […]

Swim Deep, Peace

Two of the NME‘s “tracks that define Birmingham in 2012”. The sound reminds me a lot of the recent New York sound, around bands like The Hairs, Beach Fossils, Minks, and Wild Nothing (that’s a good thing, a very good thing, since I adore those bands)… * Swim Deep, King City. * Peace, BBlood.

BlogCamp UK 2012 – report

I had an interesting day today at Blogcamp UK in Birmingham. The event was sold out almost instantly, en-masse to what are generally called “mommy bloggers”. I was rather incongruously among these early-birds, but I decided to brave the event anyway — since the moms of the USA are one of the key demographics I’m […]

Designing Virtual Currencies

Designing Virtual Currencies for ‘walled-garden’ virtual goods.

Another Country

Interesting polemic in this week’s Spectator, of relevance to the Midlands and the way that high-speed rail looks set to eventually make Birmingham a commuter suburb of London: “Another Country“… “The politicians, civil servants and journalists who make up Britain’s governing class have had their world view shaped by living in the capital and its […]

Creative Stoke is 10

My Creative Stoke website and regular newsletter is now 10 years old.

Careering Through The Web

A bit out-of-date now, but the June 2010 paper “Careering Through The Web: the potential of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies for career development and career support services” might make interesting reading for those interested in supporting recent graduates. It’s from the Centre for Guidance Studies, at Derby. Simon Knight has a new critical summary […]

Arts 4 u

From the latest Art Review magazine… “For fine-art [degree] courses [in the UK], this year’s 20,743 applicants were still chasing only around 4,500 places. In other words, art college remains popular — more than four applicants for every place going.” This is possibly because it’s a good deal. If you never envisage making more than […]

Riding the niches

A hat-tip to Chris Unitt for the news that NASA has teamed up with a videogames company, to bring what’s said to be a fascinating level of realism to EA Sports’ new snowboarding sim adventure SSX videogame (PS3 and XBox only – review). All the mountain snowboarding courses in the game are built on top […]

“The Pilot’s Dilemma”

“The Pilot’s Dilemma”, my new bit of CG Photoshop-ery. Click on the picture for the full-size version.

NESTA report on hyperlocal

NESTA has launched a new report on the state of hyperlocal media in the UK, Here and Now: UK Hyperlocal Media Today (PDF, no Kindle edition)… ” To our knowledge, this is the first time that such a comprehensive review has been undertaken. […] traditional media providers have found it hard to adjust their high-cost […]

BINS for sale

Birmingham’s BINS is looking for a new owner-editor. The offer’s still online, so I don’t think it was an April Fool.