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London Typographica

London Typographica, mapping the typographies of the capital…

Portas in Coventry

An interesting city-wide creative pilot, over in Coventry.

Creative Rural Communities – new report

New report from the Rural Culture Forum, Creative Rural Communities.

Birmingham East

Vague early proposals for a new “garden city” extension to the east of Birmingham, to be ready to co-incide with the arrival of the new high-speed rail platform in the city. On current demand, two million new homes will be needed in England by 2020. 100,000 of these are being mooted for the low-grade agricultural […]

Stealing the headlines

There’s an ambitious new exhibition by Gilbert and George, “London Pictures”, on now at the White Cube in London. The work reflects the distorted journalistic view of London, as presented in the daily newspapers, potently boiled down to the daily newsagent poster sheets. Gilbert and George stole over 3000 of these headline sheets to create […]

Net nomads

Are you a smartphone profit-warrior treading your own path to the capitalist cyber-future? A trust-fund Web activist living in a communal tent? Homeless and clinging to an old laptop to eBay stuff with? Creative Boom wants stories of living anywhere you want, with tech… “I’d love to hear your own stories. Are you a freelancer […]

Budget news

Not a bad budget, given the desperate lack of room for maneuver. Here are the creative industries bits I spotted… * many artists and indie creatives will be pleased that they will pay no tax if they earn below £8,105 a year (from next month), and later £9,205 (from in April 2013). Personally I’d say […]

British Comics stamps

British Comics character first-class stamps, available now at your local Post Office…

Book the date

An opening date for Birmingham’s new £189m Central Library has been announced: the 3rd of September 2013.

Birmingham Hearts

Made with the videogame The Movies (now largely replaced by iClone).

Photographize magazine

Photographize magazine is a new free magazine. It appears to veer strongly toward ‘the fantastic’ in photomontaged photography…


My springtime wallpaper, 1920px. I found this lying in the grass and photographed it, in Birmingham a couple of springs ago now…

Vivid fades away

Birmingham’s Vivid has announced its closure.

New report: Changemakers, identifying the key people driving positive change in local areas

A new report from the RSA, Changemakers: Identifying the key people driving positive change in local areas (PDF, sadly no Kindle edition)… “‘RSA Changemakers’ says that local authorities and public services should be realistic about people’s capacity to volunteer and that more could be achieved by making better use of the small number of individuals […]

Recent Graduates in the Labour Market

A new Office of National Statistics report, “Graduates in the Labour Market, 2012“… “This report analyses graduate unemployment over the recent past and considers the wages of graduates in the UK.” Recent graduates entering higher-skilled jobs dropped by 9% between 2001 and 2011. Although this dip is perhaps to be expected — since the number […]

BBC launches new wave of regional comedies

I was at a conference once, of public-sector arts worthies in Birmingham circa 2006, where a television expert on a panel mentioned the marked and measurable regional differences in taste in the UK. This was apparently directly measurable in things like viewing figures for the same programme in different places. The hostility to this idea […]

Survey of H.P. Lovecraft content assets

A new complete survey of the 3D content assets available, to animators and illustrators working on H.P. Lovecraft projects. There’s also a 2D H.P. Lovecraft ($8.50). It’s rigged with a skeleton and is for the 2D cartooning and animation software Anime Studio Pro 8…

Light House crowd-funds

The Light House, the Wolverhampton art-house cinema and media training venue, is crowd-funding for digital film projection equipment.

Cleanin winders

Windows cleaning in Bimingham, a 1950s profile of a Birmingham boy who got a loan from his gran to buy a bucket and a bike, and who ended up building an industrial-scale window cleaning business…    [ Hat-tip: BINS ]

Birmingham Hyperlocal unconference, April 2012

Birmingham Hyperlocal unconference, #TAL12. Saturday 28th April 2012 at Maple House in Birmingham city-centre. Tickets for the event are available here, although all the early bird offers are currently sold out.