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JURN fully updated

My JURN search engine has been thoroughly link-checked (by running Linkbot on the Directory) and URL-checked (by running dark-side SEO software on the Search index) for continuing presence of URLs in Google Search results. Repairs have been made, and JURN is now as free from link-rot as it’ll ever be. The JURN project is coming […]

DIY Book Scanner

DIY Book Scanner. Open source plans, shopping list, macro photos of components, everything you need for a non-destructive book scanner that can tackle the scanning of a large private library or archive.

Some NESTA eggs for 2012

The UK’s NESTA has an interesting blog post musing about tech trends in 2012. Pretty certain predictions are: * innovation for frugality from simple power-saving timers through to various headline-grabbing online tools to save money. I’d speculate that we may even see this develop into an industry that offers a software hub to quantify and […]

Geek or nerd

A pretty good attempt at nailing the obvious differences between geeks and nerds. Nerds also tend to be a lot more productive, making genuinely new stuff, while geeks tend toward a more passive fanboy-ish consumption and a little tinkering at the edges (mild gadget hacking, graphic design tweaks). Geeks, for instance, would never consider creating […]

Ronald Searle

The great cartoonist Ronald Searle has passed away.