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Birmingham’s new Silent Movies Animation Challenge

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Birmingham archives are challenging animators to bring to life a unique collection of music scores for old silent movies from the early 20th century. The scores have been recorded by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The Silent Movies Animation Challenge ask animators to create a short animation […]

The Sky is Rising

The Sky is Rising, a new report… Contrary to the dire warnings of the legacy entertainment industry players, the market is booming, with ever greater content choices for consumers, more options for creators, and many more opportunities for smart businesses & artists to make money. A new report shows that the entertainment industries have grown […]

Time-limited local history research groups

I like the idea of time-limited project-based local history research groups, based in local museums but open to the interested public with suitable research skills. I can’t say I’ve heard of such things before, but one is being advertised locally — to research the life of a town during Elizabethan times and to coincide with […]

Creative Business book, free

Free book, Creative Business: 10 Lessons to Help You Build a Business Your Way“…

Blogging wormholes

Running pro-active blogs on multiple topics, I seem to have found a strange law of blogging. There’s usually about a thirty percent chance, while actively searching on a topic, of finding something that can be posted to one of the other blogs. Odd.

Creative graduates’ career opportunities across creative disciplines

An interesting new Working Paper from the Creative Regions in Europe team, which partly encompasses the University of Birmingham. “Winning and Losing in the Creative Industries: an analysis of creative graduates’ career opportunities across creative disciplines“. Table 3 is especially interesting: “Distribution of creative graduates by subjects across UK regions”, showing the national strength that […]

On the Buses

In a recent ridiculous legal ruling at the Patents County Court, the court found that the firm Temple Island (top picture – they sell hideous plastic knick-knacks) had its copyright infringed by the firm New English Tea (bottom picture). But these are wholly the products of different photos taken from different spots. The ruling would […]

Tactful Calling

Voice phones are an archaic method of communication, but Tactful Calling might just start to make them a little more bearable… “Tactful Calling is an Android application on the mobile phone that lets callers indicate the urgency of their call, as well as the time frame they would like to have for the conversation.”

Footnotes for WordPress

D’log now has a very nice new footnotes plugin1. It doesn’t break square brackets [like this], as it only works if there’s a number at the start of them. To get the smaller font size on the footnotes, paste this CSS into your theme’s styles CSS. Download it here ↩

TIGA attacks

New figures from TIGA on the videogames industry in the UK. TIGA’s new figures show that between 2008 and 2011, 197 videogame studios and development firms closed in the UK. While film is lauded and lavishly funded with tax breaks pick-ups, training health-boosts, and cool overseas marketing weapons… the animation and videogames industries are allowed […]

Hyperlocal NESTA

Open Call for Strategic Partners: HyperLocal Media (PDF link)… NESTA is launching a new programme to understand and stimulate the development of a UK hyper-local media sector. Prior to the launch of the programme we are seeking partnerships with organisations interested in the development of this nascent sector. If you would like to register your […]

Internet statistics for 2011

2011 in Internet and Web statistics, a round-up by Pingdom. Some numbers that caught my eye… * $44.25 – The estimated return on $1 invested in [permission] email marketing in 2011. * 555 million – Number of websites (December 2011). * 70 million – Total number of WordPress blogs by the end of 2011. * […]

The Science of Magic

Obvious, when you think about it. Teach the basics of science (and a little healthy skepticism) to children, by teaching them how magic tricks work… The Science of Magic is a series of easy to do magic tricks made available for the purpose of teaching students about how to apply the scientific method in, what […]

Only 26 locals work at BBC’s MediaCity in Manchester

This news might make people in Birmingham slightly happier about being bypassed by the BBC in favour of Manchester… “Of the 1,846 jobs created at the BBC’s MediaCity in Salford only 26 have gone to local people. Of the 26 locals who did get a job, eight were on six-month ‘ambassador’ contracts for 16-19 year […]

Going down under

On the back of a booming economy, Australia is offering one million working holiday visas to unemployed young (18-30) Brits with talent.

Birmingham as a suburb of London

After the completion of High Speed 2, writes Ellis… “Birmingham will be quicker to reach from central London than some of London’s own suburbs” But he urges the avoidance of cheap journalistic squits about Brummie accents and the regional differences in taste. Instead he point much more interestingly to that intensely focused “third culture” that […]

Low New Enterprise Allowance rates in Birmingham

In the whole of Birmingham, in the last six months, only just over 100 new traders have started up on the New Enterprise Allowance. Why such a low figure? Possibly because of the terms of the deal. As I wrote here back in Sept… “if your business doesn’t take off in just three months, you’d […]


Fab. Needs to be on the British high street next week… Also looking fondly at… The Alt.Ctrl.Del set needs to have complementary chocolates that look the same, but are smaller. More…

Typing in colour

A new twist on typewriter art…

BJoP surveys national photo collecting costs

The British Journal of Photography takes a close look at what the leading national galleries are spending on collecting photography, based on Freedom of Information requests.