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Good news from Stoke

I started a for all the good news from the city of Stoke-on-Trent and the surrounding North Staffordshire district.

Creative Stoke posted 845 opportunities and updates in 2011

I’ve just posted the last Creative Stoke “What’s New?” update of 2011, 30th Dec 2011. A total of 845 opportunities and updates have been posted in 2011, aimed at creatives and creative businesses in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and the wider North Staffordshire district.

Fluffy news for the holidays

Labour Party -aligned ‘think tanks’ are going into press-release overdrive in this fallow period for news, with decidedly fluffy journalism supposedly based on “new studies”. I’ve encountered five such stories today. The latest such flim-flam is a vague sounding report into “agencies in the digital and design sectors” by the IPPR… “A survey of 500 […]

That Xmas dissertation…

Do you have an arts or humanities dissertation to write over Christmas? My JURN search engine just had a big link checking and repair, and might be useful. Now indexing the full-text of articles in 4,321 free arts & humanities ejournals. 99% of these won’t appear in your university’s paywalled journal databases.

Something’s fishy…

Super set of photographs over at Scientific American: people photographed with their fish look-a-likes.

Birmingham’s arts orgs “in crisis” says Council report

Birmingham’s official arts and culture orgs and venues “in crisis”… “according to a council report seen by the Birmingham Post […] The mac [Birmingham’s Midlands Arts Centre] is one of many arts organisations facing a severe financial crisis as city council and Government spending cuts begin to bite. [and] the crown jewels in Birmingham’s cultural […]

West Midlands events listing updated for 2012

Got your shiny new 2012 calendar? Looking a bit blank? My West Midlands events listing has been updated, with what’s already been announced for 2012. Doubtless there will be more to come by January/February.

Redeye makeover

The Manchester photography network Redeye has had a website makeover.

Lost Buildings of Birmingham

Birmingham Conservation Trust reviews the book Lost Buildings of Birmingham… “For people like me, who have only known Birmingham for 20 years, this book by Roy Thornton is a revelation. It is astonishing to see such a vast collection of rich Victorian buildings, many of which survived the [Second World] War, only to be swept […]

D’log big feed

Over on the D’log sidebar, a new feature. An RSS ‘uber-feed’ from all my blogs, Flickrstream, and my

Moon gardening

Moon gardening…


Loving the word “psychochronography”. Possibly a bit like psychogeography but (rather than moving through urban space) it stands still and creates a unconventional timeline-based biography of a single static spot? Perhaps accompanied by time-lapse video, fading in and out of historical photos of the spot, rather than a simple plain photo of the chosen spot?

Eno talks

A new Brian Eno interview at Edge… “That idea, that something in the music that is like vitamins, something that you could give to someone to make them better, is an idea I think that is largely lost now.” “It’s a big sin in England to rise above your station. […] rising above your station […]