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Make Something Unreal Live – finals in B’ham

Epic Games have announced their “Make Something Unreal Live”, an independent game development competition using the leading Unreal Dev Kit. It’ll take place over the six months, and then land in the West Midlands for a “spectacular real-time conclusion” on 11th-15th April 2012 in Birmingham, UK.

Visiting Myself : 16 poems

I’ve collected 16 of my poems into a slim volume, titled Visiting Myself. The pamphlet is a selection drawn from poems published in various small magazines over the years, plus one new addition that appeared on D’log. Illustrated 6×9″ perfect-bound paperback, at cost price. The Lulu download version will give a full and free preview, […]

The Victorian photo-cycle

Long before the Google StreetView tricycle, the steampunk -esque Victorian photo-cycle (Scientific American, April 1885) with mounted camera …

Drawing cash

New 88-page book of infographics and statistics about the incomes of over 600 illustrators around the world.

Hereford Photography Festival

The Hereford Photography Festival, on now. The fabulously expansive and alluring programme is here. Wish I could afford to go and stay in Hereford for a month! I guess one of the problems for “book-ahead tourism”, with these sorts of events, is that these days you mostly never get to see a festival programme until […]

Word cloud for Spyders

Word cloud preview for my new novel. And no, science-fiction buffs, the presence of the word ‘Morlock’ doesn’t reveal the nature of the monster(s). There’s a character called Mr. Morlock Bones. Here’s one with a few of the more unusual words weighted, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have picked up ‘hogboy’…

To the Moon, sans gameplay

What if… you could have games without the gameplay? “If you took a classic Japanese-style role-playing game and stripped it of all the traditional gameplay mechanics—experience points, equippable weapons and armor, usable items, and even combat itself—what exactly would you be left with? And more importantly, could this-stripped down experience actually be compelling? In the […]

The Spyders of Burslem, now on Kindle

My hand-coded ebook edition of The Spyders of Burslem has just landed on the Kindle. It’s now available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK. “It is the year 1869 in the Midlands pottery town of Burslem, where a new age of industry and learning struggles to be born. A young graduate has arrived to teach […]

Digital Champions

Creative England has secured £5-million of funding for a forthcoming national “Digital Champions” scheme. This will aim to provide… “[match-]funding and market expertise to [high potential … SMEs in … Birmingham and the West Midlands] working in cross-platform content and services [in respect of] new market propositions and content” Sound very similar to the old […]