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Bye bye Firefox

I’ve made the leap from Firefox to Google Chrome. Here’s my version of how to switch from Firefox to Google Chrome, in ten steps: 1. Firstly, the Firefox power-user needs to know that you do not need to install Greasemonkey in Chrome. Google Chrome supports all Greasemonkey scripts without needing Greasemonkey to be installed. The […]

New Kindle ebook

I’m pleased to say that my Lovecraft in Historical Context: further essays book is now available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Store, for the Kindle ereader. My new original short story “The Quest to Azathoth” fronts this new 30,000 word collection of essays, so by downloading a free 10% sample you’ll be able […]

H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer – now for the Kindle

I’m pleased to say that my latest book is now available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle ereader: on the USA Kindle Store and the U.K. Kindle Store. The hand-coded Kindle edition has a linked table-of-contents, and a fully-linked “round trip” endnotes system. If anyone needs a scholarly book hand-coded for the Kindle from […]

Flying south

A new series of discussions on topical creative issues at the Moseley Exchange, in south Birmingham… 1. Innovation in the creative industries – speaker Dr Caroline Chapain (Birmingham Business School) about her research on innovation in the creative industries. Wednesday 28th September 2011, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, in the Co-working space. 2. Big Society – Social […]

El Reg on voice recorders

In a back-to-the-lecture-room special, The Register‘s hardware boffins get all up-close and slobbery with a group review of ten in-pocket voice recorders.

JURN refreshed/repaired and ready for the new academic year

My JURN search-engine is now fully up-to-date and ready for the new academic year. The JURN search-engine currently indexes and searches 4,309 free arts & humanities ejournals. The JURN Directory links to the home pages of 3,000 of those ejournals published in the English language. Over the summer any broken, dead, or moved URLs were […]

Google for growth

Interesting news from Google… “A study by McKinsey has shown that […] in a mature economy like the UK, the internet is responsible for a fifth of GDP growth. […] We [Google] know from a data perspective that for every pound that is imported, the UK exports close to £3 in internet commerce goods and […]

The Path to 9/11

The Path to 9/11, the 4.5 hour mini-series that cost $30m. An immaculately filmed and acted ABC TV dramatisation, The Path to 9/11 sweeps across nearly nine years and several continents to tell of the complex chain of events that led up to the 9/11 attack. It’s an excellent film, but it didn’t portray the […]

New Enterprise Allowance changes

Sad news. Much as I generally support the government, it seems the New Enterprise Allowance is morphing into a way of massaging the headline job-seeker figures. I’m hearing that the government, or at least one of the departments, has backtracked on the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. I was under the impression that the weekly payment […]

George Noszlopy

It’s sad to hear that George Noszlopy has died. The College Art Association has a fine obituary. He spent more than 40 years teaching art history in Birmingham, latterly based in the School of Theoretical and Historical Studies at BIAD, Birmingham City University. Sadly I only knew him tangentially there, although I occasionally talked with […]

H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26

My new scholarly book on H.P. Lovecraft has just been published, and I’m experimenting with giving a PDF away for free. Walking With Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26 is 55,000 words, 198 pages, illustrated. In exchange for the ‘free’ bit, can you give the new book a web link on your […]