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Not your grandpa’s conference photos

Amazing set of 148 photos from FILE in Brazil. “FILE Sao Paulo 2011 happens between July 19 and August 21, at the FIESP Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso. In the program: immersive and interactive installations, tablets, animations, games, machinimas, besides works of web art, video, documentary, music clips and sound experiments.”

And on my other blog…

Recent fabness over at my Lovecraft blog: a new version of my 350-link ‘Lovecraft on the Web’ directory with better navigation and all links checked; 3,500 words of scholarly annotations for the Lovecraft story “Nyarlathotep” with an emphasis on the historical context; a review of the major Lovecraft biography I Am Providence; and my new […]

Great British FireWall off the government agenda

Great news. It seems the ‘Great British FireWall’ is off the government agenda, after a recent major court ruling put the emphasis on ISP blocking on a ‘case-by-case by court order’ basis, rather than on en-masse government legislation. “Vince Cable, the business secretary, will say on Wednesday that government plans to block illegal filesharing websites […]

Know more, paint better

How does a place take the mantle of ‘leader in art’ from another place? In the case of the takeover of New York from Paris toward the end of the 1930s, the mantra seems to have been “know more, paint better”. Of course the Nazi occupation of Paris (and the consequent repressed guilt of the […]