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re:location / radioactive

New on YouTube, the 15 minute documentary for re:location / radioactive, a major arts project in which over 100 artists took over a disused X-Ray factory in Smethwick (nr. Birmingham) under the direction of Dave Pollard… I was part of it and also have a set of 83 of my re:location / radioactive photos on […]

Recession retreats

The return of the rural commune, 21st century style.

Cabinet of curiosities

The Museums Association has a new survey report on the cuts being made by local councils, as they affect museums. Stoke-on-Trent has introduced a voluntary donations drive, and at the last count has £7,500 in the kitty from that — but the figure needed to stave off entrance charges is reportedly about £75,000 a year.

Remove Google +1 buttons from search – new fix

A new fix for those who want to remove the annoying Google +1 buttons from their search results. Google had changed the code, and thus broken the previous AdBlock blocking snippet. Now there’s a new snippet that works.

Top 10 West Midlands universities, for graduate employment

The Guardian has dug up a HESA spreadsheet giving employment rates by university. The figures really need to be available at the degree course level, and the post-graduation survey methods might be a little shaky — simply in terms of some types of students being more contactable than others after six months or a year. […]

Birmingham By Night

Birmingham By Night, a new Flickr Gallery curated by Tiger Snapper.

Dumb bot

A classic example of dumb “taste matching” by bot, on Amazon UK today. I like the American TV Series Northern Exposure, therefore I will like the BBC historical costume drama adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel North & South. As far as I can see, the only connection is that they both have “North” in their […]

Home of Metal video review

A good 5 minute on-site video review of the main Home of Metal exhibitions at Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

“No-one here but us chickens…”

The Facebook social games arms-race is over — so declares Tadhg Kelly of Games Brief, who goes on to give an informed journalistic analysis of the winners. The unbeatable 800lb gorilla (or should that be chicken?) is Farmville and its parent company which is currently going for a $1 billion IPO, but which most sane […]

Handbook on running a small conference

A free comprehensive handbook on the nuts and bolts of running a small 200-300 person two-day conference. It’s UK oriented. There’s no single PDF or Kindle download, and it’s all Web pages, but you can just save the ten html pages to disk or slingshot them to your Kindle with reKindleit.

UK Music survey reveals Enterprise Finance Guarantee flop

In March 2009 Labour broadened the scope of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme to include loans to musicians and bands. Just one more last-ditch Labour stunt in their dying days, but it might have been made to work. So, how much has reached the music industry over the last few years? Almost nothing, according […]