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Future Gaming Conference 2011

The website for Birmingham’s Future Gaming Conference 2011 is now online. Call for speakers is also out: application deadline is 1st April 2011.

Blood & Bone China

Trailer for a new vampire series, Blood & Bone China, filmed and set in Stoke-on-Trent… Reminded me of a (true) old news item… “In Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in 1973, one Demetrius Myiciura died from choking on a clove of garlic. He was found in his home surrounded by salt, garlic and crucifixes all intended to stave […]

Bums on seats at BIAD

Is your bum comfy? Does that affect your learning? Comfy bums-on-seats are the subject of a public lecture and a foyer exhibition at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) on Tuesday 1st March 2011, at 6pm… “This exhibition showcases a new range of seating for education and documents the design and development stages of […]

Drawn from life

Giles’s famous cartoon Grandma.

Gamer Camp call

Birmingham City University is now inviting West Midlands game-making talent to apply for its Game Camps. Learn how to make videogames on one of BCU’s three Camps. These are: Gamer Camp Nano (make a game for the Apple App Store) which runs from 4th to 29th July 2011; Gamer Camp Mini (develop and publish PSP […]

‘Bac to the future’ for 14-18s

The ‘top’ universities are set to issue a warning to potential undergraduates: don’t study “Media Studies, Art and Design, Photography” if you want to get a place at the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. You might get away with just one of those, but no more. Well, I’m pretty sure that most potential entrants already […]

Pashley passions

BIAD design students work to create new accessories and a new look for a famous Midlands bicycle brand…

The Future of Local Media

Pete Ashton has posted a summary of his recent excellent series of articles on the Future of Local Media.

Google Art Project

Just launched, Google Art Project. Use Google Maps / Street View technology to view the collections of 17 of the world’s top art galleries.

Mars – new work by Kahn & Selesnick

New work by Kahn & Selesnick, Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea. Published as a Blurb POD book.

City of Shadows

Photos from the book City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948, featuring photographs of people brought into the police station at Sydney, Australia. Full online archive here.

NESTA’s Next Gen report – out now

NESTA’s final Livingstone/Hope Report is available online, titled as Next Gen (PDF link, 5Mb). “The [videogames and FX] industries suffer from an education system that doesn’t understand their needs. This is reinforced by a school curriculum that focuses in ICT on office skills rather than the more rigorous computer science and programming skills which high-tech […]