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Sarah Moon retrospective

A big 200-work exhibition of the work of Sarah Moon. Sadly, it’s in Stockholm. Let’s hope it tours to the UK.

The culture wars, redux

The New York Observer muses… is the USA moving into a new world of censorship?… “in recent weeks, there have been several instances, far more than usual, of alleged censorship involving some of the bigger names in the field” Clyde Fitch has a round up… “Explicitly and often during 2009 and 2010, I warned here […]

Times for free

The Times for free… at least, if you live in Stoke-on-Trent.

Morrowind bibliography updated

New version of my Elder Scrolls Morrowind / Oblivion bibliography, annually updated.

Sandwell District

RA profiles the mysterious record label Sandwell District… “Sandwell, named after a part of Birmingham, is also closely affiliated with the long-running label Downwards from that city.”

Two Midlands poetry conferences

Mention of a couple of Spring events that didn’t quite fit in the new 2011 listing… April 2011: “It Gives Us the Other”: Poetry and Translation conference — Nottingham. May 2011: 2nd International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine — Coventry. I wonder if we’ll ever get back the regular ‘poetry and new writing’ magazine that […]

2011 events in the West Midlands

My new 2011 events listing for Birmingham / West Midlands. Just the fab media / arts / digital entrepreneur stuff. Enjoy.

The frozen stars

JURN max

My JURN academic search-engine is coming up to two years old, and has been given a thorough link-checking. I used some ‘dark-side’ SEO software to automatically check if my web addresses were still showing up in Google Search. It worked a treat, and was very reliable. A lot of repairing followed. I’d say there’s a […]