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Sci-fi fashion

Superbly sci-fi fashion set, in the current Dazed & Confused… Photography: Anthony Maule.


‘Penny-for-the-guy’, a tradition still alive in Stoke-on-Trent.

BM&AG sprouts wings

A peek at the new wing at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, a £9.7m project intended to tell the story of the city’s history.


One Day on Earth. Today.

London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city

I’ve put together a literary anthology on a topic no-one’s yet tackled. It’s now available for free… London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city (PDF link). It’s a 55,000-word, 172-page anthology of literary visions of a future London. It’s no great scholarly work, and is simply intended as a basic ‘sampler’ for […]

Lost City of Stoke-on-Trent

Margaret Drabble reviews The Lost City of Stoke-on-Trent in this week’s Spectator… “The Potteries are one of the strangest regions in the British Isles, and Matthew Rice’s The Lost City of Stoke-on-Trent celebrates their extraordinary oddity.”

4iP bows out

News just in, Channel 4 is to axe the Birmingham-based 4iP fund, which had its main offices located in Birmingham following a £5 million sweetener of public money via Advantage West Midlands. “the restructure would mean the 4iP brand would “disappear”, coinciding with the end of its two-year pilot and that the fund’s remaining budget […]

My Kindle 3 has arrived

In an animation competition, I recently won a licence for some animation software. I’ve since sold it and used the proceeds to get a new Amazon Kindle 3 ebook reader. I’ve been able to play with it over the weekend, and there’s a lot of power under the deceptively simple hood. Naturally, I’ve started a […]

Why city-wide wi-fi failed

Now available online: “A postmortem look at city-wide wi-fi”, a short version of “The Failure of Public WiFi” (2009)… “Large and small cities all over the country partnered with major companies. … But municipalities could not build the networks as promised, and users had little reason to come to the limited networks that they delivered. […]

“Doomed, doomed, I tell ‘e!”

Gamesbrief: the business of games pegs West Midlands-based Codemasters as No.1 in his article “Ten games businesses that are doomed”.

Sidney Sime in the Black Country

Big scan of Sidney Sime’s illustration for the second book of Dunsany’s Wonder Tales, Tales of Wonder (1916), illustrating the story “How Ali Came to the Black Country”… “In harems in Persia in the evening, when the tales go round, it is still told how Ali and Shep and Shooshan came to the Black Country. […]

Enterprise Allowance returns

News just in. The return of the old Enterprise Allowance… “Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said Tuesday that the coalition government was launching a new scheme to give eligible unemployed people £2,000 each to start a small business.” “The scheme will apply to people who have been unemployed for six months, and will […]

Sintel released to download

Sintel, the open source animated movie made with the free Blender 2.5, has just been released to download. Pre-production concept art for Sintel.

Type Writing @ BIAD

Spotted today at BIAD…