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New stats on the West Midlands creative workforce

More statistics on the West Midlands creative workforce. The ONS saw a 19% growth in creative industries employment in 2006-2008 — the apex of the ‘spend! spend! spend!’ years, and just before the recession really began to bite (Q3 2008) in areas other than in traditional advertising and TV… “The level of creative industry employment […]

Rebuilding the TV industry in the West Midlands

The Producers’ Forum has released a new report on “Rebuilding the TV industry in the West Midlands” (PDF link).

D’log events list updated

I’ve reversed the date-order on my listing of fab 2010 events in the West Midlands, and added new events happening in the late summer and autumn.

Postcards from Lovecraft

I made another Lovecraftian faux-postcard, from about seven different images… Click the picture for a larger version. Thanks to Jurvetson for the Creative Commons shell picture.

Fluff Busting Purity

Fluff Busting Purity, a GreaseMonkey script that removes all Farmville and similar cruft from your Facebook stream. It seems to work a treat with Firefox. “[removes the] endless stream of “so-and-so took this quiz” and “Joe became friends with Jane” messages and “What Kind of Jedi Are You?” come-ons.”

Bubbles and scratches

I’ve made three new sets of Creative Commons layers, to help you to ‘antique’ your Photoshop creations. They’re all at 2048 x 2048 pixels, and are cropped from particularly-nicely scratched and bubbled bits of public-domain early photographs… Set three Set two Set one

My other blogs

Added a “My other blogs” section to the top of the D’log blogroll… Creative Stoke (local creative news) Jurn (academic search and publishing) myClone (indie 3D animation and machinima) Perfect Worlds (videogames) Tentaclii (H.P. Lovecraft)

BICS portfolio reviews

Portfolio reviews announced for the British International Comics Show in Birmingham…. “This is your chance to show your stuff to top commissioning editors in the field […] demand for places will be very high, and we always receive far more applicants than we can accommodate” Deadline: 1st September 2010.

Flash Camp Birmingham

Personally, I’m increasingly with Steve Jobs on Flash. But you can’t argue with “free”. Flash Camp Birmingham. Birmingham Library Theatre, city centre. 7th September 2010, 12pm-8pm. “The best thing about Flash Camp is it’s completely FREE for attendees!”

Blitz for Creative Networks in Sept

Advance news of the Birmingham Creative Networks event for 30th September 2010. Midlands games developer Blitz is sending its top audio people… “Creative Networks will be welcoming Blitz Games Studios’ Matt Black (Audio Manager) and Richard Blackley (Senior Audio Designer), whose talk will focus on interactive music used in production of the company’s games titles.”

Violet City

Violet City is… “an independent gothic fantasy film being shot entirely on green screen at the Liverpool Screen School” Apparently it’s a PhD project, and has taken over the whole top floor of the film school. No production pictures yet, it seems. [ Hat-tip: Mark Brereton ]

Elliott Wilcox

Beautiful abstracts of the UK’s sports courts, by Elliott Wilcox of London…

Free 3-day East Mids course in social media use

University of Derby is running a 3-day course in September 2010 which covers… “social media and how businesses can use it to their advantage. This course is fully subsidised for micro businesses.” “The course includes input on blogs and blogging; video and animation; audio and podcasting; content communities such as YouTube and Flickr; social networks […]

Lens Culture awards open

The excellent Lens Culture blog /online steampunk has its 2010 awards open for submissions… “We’re looking for exciting images from every continent, and from diverse points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, street photography, poetic, personal, abstract and human.” Mmm. “Cash prizes”.

Impossible Journal

Dreaming Methods has a new Issuu-based journal, Impossible Journal, detailing the techniques and approaches behind his interactive photo-fictions…

Learning CG

A couple of my learning-exercises in 3D CG, made with the real-time 3D iClone software. iClone uses a game-engine to render ‘in real-time’, so the pictures don’t have the polish they would have had if I’d used 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender… “The Bank Robbery on Planet 9”. “It Dies at Dawn!” — my entry […]

A couple of Lovecraftian composites

A couple of Lovecraftian faux-postcards I made with Photoshop , from about five photos each… It would have been Lovecraft’s 120th birthday on 20th August.

Interns and employment law

New from the left-wing think-tank IPPR, a report on unpaid interns, wages, and the law in the UK.