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£35 million a year on a website?

As Business Link gets ready to be flushed down the plughole of history, hopefully never to crawl back out again, some figures emerge on exactly how much they blew on their lacklustre website… £6.2m on strategy and planning £4.4m on design and build £4.7m on hosting and infrastructure £15.3m on content provision £4.5m on testing […]

The Brain Gain

Clay Shirky on Our Cognitive Surplus (video lecture, 1 hour 25 mins, 380Mb)… “Since the post-war boom, we’ve had a surfeit of intellect, energy, and time — a cognitive surplus. Shirky argues that this cognitive surplus — rather than being some strange new departure from normal behaviour — actually returns our society to forms of […]

Higher education in 2025

Futures thinking for academic librarians: higher education in 2025 is a new report that offers 26 possible future scenarios for HE in the year 2025. Here’s one… Pop-up campus: Given the explosion of online learning, only a minority of institutions still maintain physical campuses. While all the services and functions remain, “the college” and “the […]


Just an idea. How about a website called WorkGang, which links together unemployed graduates and the growing number of public-sector unemployed, who want to find people near them with the same interests and skills — with a view to forming an autonomous self-managed group to do a short-term “socially useful project”, on their own terms […]

Hack Day in Bham

Friday 23rd of July 2010 is Hack Day in Birmingham. That’s “hack” both in the sense of “journalists” and in the sense of “hackers”… “The idea is very simple: we get a bunch of public data, and either find stories in it, or ways to help others find stories. You don’t need technical expertise because […]

Pebble Mill retrospective

Edgbaston’s once mighty Pebble Mill BBC studios are now just a weed-grown vacant plot, but 7 Inch Cinema and Birmingham City University are to show a retrospective of the best of Pebble Mill’s productions at the Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham from 2nd – 4th July 2010. Including screenings of Gangsters, and the […]


Geeksworld looks like an interesting one-day event in Birmingham in September 2010… [ Hat-tip: Nikki Pugh ]