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CRAIN report

A useful seven page report from the West Midlands Cultural Research & Intelligence Network conference (PDF link), held in Birmingham on 2nd June 2010.

Comic Book Alliance launches

Good to hear that the Comic Book Alliance (CBA) has officially launched itself as the voice of the UK industry… “…the CBA is helping with educational programmes, assisting in the organising of events and exhibitions, forging relationships with complimentary media organisations, and raising awareness of an art form that is officially recognised as such in […]

Maps for future creatures



Education, education, education

A Facebook page for the Save The BCU Birmingham School of Media Against the £230,000 Cut. Frankly, I didn’t even know we had a Birmingham School of Media. Wrong campus, and I don’t think it’s part of BIAD. So I can’t honestly say… “ooh, worth saving!”, etc — because I know nothing of it in […]

Photography, Still Moving

In seeming response to the perennial wails that “Photography is Dead!” — Rhubarb Rhubarb quietly suggests Photography, Still Moving. Although in this particular case it’s following Stef Lewandowski, Joanna Geary et al and is moving to London… Photography Still Moving: a seminar in multimedia storytelling. 19th June 2010. 200-202 Hercules Road, Waterloo, London. £45.00.

Firm Custard

Bennie Gray talks about the £10m expansion of Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

Electric Eden

Forthcoming book: Electric Eden : Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music (website). It’s being written by the editor of Wire magazine, and it’s 688 pages long, so both those facts bode well. I’m not sure quite how far it will venture into the more winding byways of British neo-romanticism — such as its survival in film music, […]

Map mods

Designers, change those ugly Google maps on your client websites… … everyone else — it’s probably best to stay away. Especially your boss. Remember /shudder/ the horrors of 1990s desktop publishing.

Book sculptures

Book sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee… Books as vessels of mind-pollination, physically dying and decaying — yet the ideas and visions are passed on from generation to generation. The cubes are equally as evocative: ideas travelling through time in books — but suddenly trapped in the wrong milieu and tightly constrained and distorted by the […]

Archipod shed

Meet Archipod‘s vision of the new garden shed. Sure to have the neighbours pointing (and possibly laughing), but the inside looks too space-tastic to be comfortable for long without an oxygen supply… Put all the power blocks and boy-toys of a typical home office in there, and the heat build-up would probably be enough to […]

eMag reader

A preview of Wired on the iPad, via Adobe ‘s iPad-friendly magazine reader software. Nice look, pity about the content. Personally I look forward to the first magazine written entirely by liveblogging cats, and automatically laid out with templates and published by bots without being touched by a human hand. Probably far more entertaining than […]