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UK net population surges

Interesting. I thought that the audience of degree-holding internet users had broadly plateaued. Across the entire English-speaking world that’s probably broadly true, although perhaps still creeping up a little. But it seems new groups are still arriving online in the UK, according to a new survey report. Today a new Nielsen/UKOM survey recorded a big […]

Steve McCurry retrospective in Birmingham

Just opened — a unique chance to see a retrospective of the photojournalism of Steve McCurry. The show is free at the Waterhall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery until 17th October 2010… “Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is the sole UK venue for a retrospective of the work of American photo-journalist Steve McCurry, the man […]

Business Link finally killed off.

Amid the necessary cuts, this government just seems to keep on making welcome decisions… “Business Minister announced today that the new government would be shutting down the Business Link network” It now seems that AWM and Business Link will be replaced by… * a new system of local enterprise partnerships * support for the private […]


What would your city’s “branding” graphic look like it you were designing it, free from constraints?

Meredith Dittmar

The pop surrealist clay dioramas of Meredith Dittmar…

Robert Longden exhibition opens

I’ve blogged before about Robert Longden’s documentary photographs of the last years of working canal life. An Inland Voyage, an exhibition of 43 photographs made by Longden at Hawkesbury Junction, opens on Saturday at The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry (until 30th Aug 2010). The exhibition will be accompanied by original items from working narrowboats… […]

Foreground Reference Utility

Ever wished you could have a semi-opaque image floating in front of your work, to act as a reference guide? And have it work with any software application? The new Foreground Reference Utility (video) does that, and it’s free. Download here. [ Hat-tip: Paumanok ]

I lived on the Moon

Finalists announced for the Saatchi & Saatchi / Aniboom “Nothing is Impossible” competition. All wonderful, but I think there may be a reason why Spain-based Yannick Puig’s “I lived on the Moon” is the first name on the list. Amazing work. Winners will be announced 24th June 2010.

White Peak, Derbyshire

It seems somehow appropriate, on the longest day, to revisit the shortest day…

HTTPS Everywhere

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Tor have teamed up to provide no-configuration encrypted browsing and searching, via the new free “HTTPS Everywhere” addon for Firefox. Currently working with Google Search, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and Paypal, among others.

The other blog

Blogging is a little light here, because I’ve been daily-blogging on machinima and indie 3D/CG animation here. 500 posts, so far.

Museum of Animal Perspectives

Animals with camera s. Museum of Animal Perspectives…

Shoot the Street

Shoot the Street is a new street photography contest from the British Journal of Photography. Entry costs £20, and entries should be submitted before 30th June 2010.

Poppit Sands

Michael Jackson’s “Poppit Sands” project is out as a photobook, featuring three years of amazing beach photography on a Welsh beach… I’m sensing a strong Minor White influence here.

Above Stoke

So, I filled some oatcakes with helium, and sent a camera into the stratosphere… Click the picture for a larger version. Actually it’s a flipped sky, paired with one of my long-exposure night skies, glued together with some Photoshop ping.


Love to see this stringed up and on stage…

BIAD graduation shows

Thanks to More Canals Than Venice, for listing all the BIAD graduations shows. Some have already launched, some open in a few days.

YouTube Play 2010

The Guggenheim YouTube Play 2010: a biennial of creative video… “aims to discover and showcase the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of online video. Developed by YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in collaboration with HP, YouTube Play hopes to attract innovative, original, and surprising videos from around the world, regardless of genre, […]

Advanced Virtual Economy Applications

Advanced Virtual Economy Applications (PDF link), the final report of a two and half year project, which aimed to answer the questions… “What drives the value of virtual goods and how can we model it? How can we measure economic activity in virtual economies? How can the virtual economy model be extended to new platforms […]

Birmingham Future

Birmingham Future asks “where are the creatives?”