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Pixel Art

Just released, a short documentary on Pixel Art…

ZoneAlarm auto-renew

A quick tip which might save you £100+. Watch out for the ZoneAlarm firewall auto-renew, if you ditched their bloatware and switched to the free Windows firewall and anti-virus when you installed the Windows 7 beta last autumn. They’re planning to auto-renew all their old PayPal-linked accounts. If I hadn’t got in to my user […]

Creative Media Workforce Survey 2010 – now live

The national Creative Media Workforce Survey 2010 is now live and open… “Whether you are an employer, an employee or a freelancer, what you tell us about your skills needs, experience of training and recruitment, future plans and working patterns will help us produce the most comprehensive profile of working life in the UK’s creative […]

Peter Varga

Peter Varga…

Arty parties

The BBC website ponders what impact the new government will have on arts and culture. Dreary stuff such as the bill for the London Olympics, radio/TV regulation and the BBC licence fee all loom large. But also, down at the bottom of the page, mention that… “Arts spending will also come under scrutiny as government […]

Adobe visits Brum

Adobe bring the new Creative Suite 5 to Birmingham, including Photoshop CS5. Free. Vue Cinema, 27th May 2010… ” Adobe will be flying in its team of global evangelists for a full-day event in Birmingham. Jason Levine, Greg Rewis and Terry White — alongside Adobe UK’s local product specialists — will demonstrate the top new […]


Wikipedia now offers custom printed books, created from your custom collection of specialist Wikipedia entries. Possibly it also offers ereader ebook output somewhere along the pipeline, but I haven’t looked at the fine-print yet.


Foghorn, the free magazine of the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, on Issuu…

Rude Britannia

As the great British tradition of visual satire fades and dies, Tate Britain holds a wake. Rude Britannia open on 9th June 2010 in London. The show features satirical and grotesque British comic art from the 1600s to the present day. Although, arguably, the tradition lives on in the way that the London press consistently […]