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Keep it Rea-l

A 10-week artist in residence opportunity at the Rea Garden, an outdoor artists’ project space in Digbeth, Birmingham, including a two week exhibition. Artist fee £1,000 and a materials grant of up to £500. Photo by Nicky Getgood

Future Trends for Digital Creative Industries in West Midlands

Regional Analysis on Future Trends for Digital Creative Industries in West Midlands (May 2009, 2.2Mb PDF file) Seems to have just arrived online. Sadly most of it is boilerplate that could apply to any large conurbation outside London, there’s very little we haven’t heard before, and it feels rushed… “better alignment of support services, such […]


New issue of Area…

Emerging workers

Lyn Gardner muses on the new Arts Group report Emerging workers: a fair future for entering the creative industries… “I think we should be asking why, according to the report, 40% of graduates entering the cultural sector do so through working unpaid — not least because it has massive implications in terms of access. It […]

Go to Market 2009

Just released online by the Finnish Centre of Expertise for Digital Content, Go to Market 2009 (PDF, 6Mb) a 36-page playbook … “provides some guidelines for growing software sales internationally” Looks incredibly useful to anyone selling software on a global basis.

Ancient wallpaper

My photograph made at the British Museum. It’s of a Japanese scroll painting of a tiger, cropped as a 1920 x 1200 pixel desktop wallpaper. There’s space on the right for widgets and icons.

Experience maps

Experience maps as a way of presenting research interviews with gamers.

20% cuts to the arts?

From today’s The Stage… “A new report, After the Downturn, which was written by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, envisages reductions of between 7.5% and 15% in public spending in the 2011-14 spending round. It also suggests that ring-fencing areas such as health and […]

Business Shrink

Magic Media watches a vanishing act… “Last Monday I attended a Business Link (and partners) event at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham aimed at helping local creative companies get through the economic downturn. The thing was, only about 3 companies actually turned up! Why was this? The weather? It had been a bit frosty that morning […]

Off the map

The Ordnance Survey has released its O.S. OpenSpace API and online interface. “The OS OpenSpace API is free to access and lets developers create amazing web applications and online projects with Ordnance Survey maps. But OS OpenSpace API is not just for developers. Although the API uses JavaScript to make web pages more interactive, anyone […]

Cutting and running

The Birmingham Post has a useful outline of some of the possibilities for Olympic-sized funding cuts to the arts in the West Midlands, although it’s understandably tentative and carefully steers clear of the Arts Council’s own tedious restructuring/downsizing issues.

Shropshire unplugged

I hope you didn’t move out to rural Shropshire on the back of Advantage West Midlands’ subsidy of rural broadband. It’s about to be unplugged, according to press reports. “Millions of pounds have been dished out by the regional development agency to private contractors to build the network, but there was no thought for how […]

Space Patrol updated

Some readers may remember I put together a July 2009 Spotify compilation album Space Patrol : the rise of early British electropop… “The early evolution of the British electropop sound, presented in chronological date order over the seminal years from 1977 until 1983.” I’m pleased to say that the solo John Foxx tracks and one […]

Faces of America

Facebook as a cultural-demographics mapping tool… “I’ve been digging deeper into the data I’ve gathered on 210 million public Facebook profiles, I’ve been fascinated by some of the patterns that have emerged” Pointing the way to more refined regional and city-wide “taste maps”, created automatically and updated in real time? I guess Amazon must have […]

Cat-pampering cafes of Ulthar

Well, Tokyo actually… “I took time out of my precious vacation to conduct some intensive research into the fascinating phenomenon of Tokyo Cat Cafes.” A delightful idea, and they’ll certainly be on the schedule if I ever make it to Tokyo. But — between the likelihood of cat hairs in the coffee, animal rights nutters […]

Creative spoken here

Nice. The Created in Birmingham blog is to open its very-own shop in the Bull Ring, Birmingham city-centre. Thursday 25th February 2010 (at 5pm) is when the shutters are due to roll up for the public. I guess designing a shopfront is not unlike designing a good front page for a website? Could Birmingham use […]

Donald Locke

Port Knocker Dreams — recent work by Donald Locke is a touring show of interesting totemic work by an American artist. It opens tomorrow at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and runs until the end of May 2010.

What a cow!

The organisers of the Hereford Photography Festival want to celebrate the history, regional cultural significance and international presence of the famous Midlands breed of cattle called “The Hereford”. To do this there’s a research-led photography commission up for grabs… “The artist’s fee will be £3,000 (to include all expenses) plus production budget to be agreed. […]

CiB makeover

Created in Birmingham gets a makeover from one of the best web designers around, Birmingham’s Substrakt…

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