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Completed this month, Moonbird by West Midlands animators the Brothers McLeod…

Typography for mobile devices

One of my dissertation students has published his dissertation online. The first to do so, I think. It was on typography / type design for mobile devices. And talking of BIAD, there are currently three funded Masters degree studentships on offer there… Eligible Programmes for Professional Preparation Masters Awards: M.A. Design Management; M.A. Interior Design; […]

Cirque du Freak titles

The lovely CG shadow puppetry of the Cirque du Freak title-credits sequence, playing in a nice large Quicktime window…

How not to write a PhD thesis

How not to write a PhD thesis, in this week’s THES. Valuable advice, it seems. But it’s rather disappointing to find that common third-year B.A. dissertation errors can somehow be carried over into someone’s PhD thesis.

Live Movies

Live Movies: A Field Guide to New Media for the Performing Arts is a free 252 page book of theory, history, and case-studies.

Screenwriting workshops in Brum

Just announced, a big slate of screenwriting workshops. To be held in Birmingham during 2010. The Animation Forum also has four writing for animation workshops, also in Birmingham.

Boards of Canada

Nearly 200 short animations from the Film Board of Canada, online for free. Several hundred short documentaries, too.

Boxed in

Jason Mittell on the tensions between serial storytelling and its eventual “boxed set” form.

All DAZ 3D human base models are now free

Not only is DAZ Studio 3 free but, as of a few days ago, all DAZ’s 3D human base models are also free. Very useful human-figure reference software for comics artists and figurative painters, although if you want the DAZ domestic animals (cats, dogs, etc) you still have to buy them.

New Arts & Business figures for the Midlands

“According to the latest analysis from Arts & Business… “business investment [ in the arts ] in the Midlands fell by 16 per cent, to £7.3 million, funding from trusts and foundations decreased by 36 per cent to £5.7 million and donations from individuals by 23 per cent, to £6 million. The fall in the […]

Metamorphosis Victorianus

On now in New York, the exhibition Metamorphosis Victorianus. The names in the gallery’s introduction are actually links to galleries of works in the exhibition, albeit shown too small to see much detail… “Ubu Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition, curated by Meredith Harper, of 20th Century collages all united in their focus on […]

16 silhouette films

16 silhouette films…

Rockwell’s photographs

The staged photographs of Norman Rockwell…

Edge Question, 2010

The Edge Question for 2010, asking the finest and most interesting minds on the planet… “How Has The Internet Changed The Way You Think?” Here’s my digest of what I found interesting from among the 150,000 (deliciously Twitter-unfriendly) words…. “I don’t think about the Internet anymore. I just use it.” ANDRIAN KREYE “I notice that […]

Art in Empty shops

A call for Art in Empty shops in Birmingham.

Make a ‘PC movie’ for under $2k

My costed guide to assembling a ‘complete workflow’ virtual movie-making suite, for under $2,000.


TubeChop — identify a specific segment of any YouTube video, then link to it.

Animation test

A 23-second animation test. I’m trying to get a rough ‘proof-of-workflow’ clip that approaches the silhouette style of Jasper Morello…

Minus 15

Isabella’s shadows

Isabella’s shadow-puppets. But why spend a day crafting one by hand with a scalpel (they take ages, believe me), when you can design them on the PC and then upload the file to a laser-cutting shop?