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Unreal Engine 3 Development Kit released – for free

Those seeking to get into back-bedroom games production will be interested to hear that the popular Unreal Engine 3 has just been released for free in the form of the Unreal Development Kit. If you develop a commercial videogame with it, you pay Unreal 25% of revenue after you make your first $5000. Other than […]

Bibliography for fantastic photomontage

I’ve updated the bibliography for my Timeline of fantastic photomontage and its possible influences, 1857 – 2007. The bibliography is now in HTML rather than plain TXT, looks nicer, has a few errors corrected, and has links.

A Canal People

A newly reprinted paperback photobook of traditional Midlands life, A Canal People… “During a few brief years in the late 1940s and early 1950s Robert Longden took a remarkable set of photographs of the narrow boat community at Hawkesbury Stop – the main meeting point for those who worked the Midlands canals. The images are […]

The view from my window…

…as fog rolled over a crisp autumn day…

20 years since the start of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Most of the best photos of the fall of the Berlin Wall are now locked behind the paywalls and watermarks of large picture libraries — the above pictures are a selection of the best that are freely available online. None had photographer credits — if any of the above photographers would like a credit and […]


MegaZine v3, a free open-source page-flipping engine for presenting magazines and ‘zines online. Demo. “MegaZine3 is completely written in ActionScript 3 … MegaZine3 comes with integrated support for SWFAddress, a JavaScript library allowing user to deep link flash movies.”

Birmingham Seen

Now on at The Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery — Birmingham Seen, a free exhibition showing… “the ways in which artists and photographers have portrayed the people and landscape of Birmingham since 1820″ Of note for photographers is a free lunch-time talk… “Tues 15th December, 1pm. Pete James on Photography and the City” […]

Game Central

Details of a proposed new Game Central events/networking/lobbying org for the West Midlands.

Dragon Age takes flight

I must admit I’ve rather gone off videogames, after a stint with them over the summer. Fuel had rather soured my taste for them. But at the back of my mind there was a vague question about what I might be playing in the mid December – early January window. And yesterday I found a […]

Flickr’s App Garden launches

Flickr launches The App Garden… “home-grown applications created by Flickr members … using the Flickr API.”

Volunteering in the recession

An interesting WMRO posting on volunteering rates in the West Midlands during the recession… “New Citizenship Survey data published last week by CLG show volunteering levels have remained almost static over the past year in England. […] rates of volunteering are lower in the West Midlands than average. Also, within the region, the areas with […]

DCMS fills its hole

The Dept. of Culture Media and Sport is reported to have filled its financial black hole, at least for this year. However, the result is that… “DCMS will have to find [yet another] £10m savings across its budget, and the burden of that will fall on culture. One resultant economy is likely to be the […]

A daily businesses e-newsletter for the West Midlands.

With the Birmingham Post going weekly, is there now room for a daily and pro-actively researched ‘business news you can use’ email newsletter for the West Midlands? Containing no PR, no press releases, no official spin, no ego-stroking opinion articles, and not biased by silly turf-wars between quangos. Just a short but utterly comprehensive slug […]

Cartography 2.0

Cartography 2.0… “a free online knowledge base and e-textbook for students and professionals interested in interactive and animated maps”

Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernism in British Art

Tate St. Ives is staging the first showing of the exhibition The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernism in British Art (until 10th Jan 2010), exploring British magic-influenced art from the early modernists to Derek Jarman. Tate Etc. magazine has an illustrated profile of the exhibition. Paul Nash. The Combat (1910). Part of the Dark Monarch […]




A gallery of phototelegraphy. Before the internet, the electric telegraph system spanned the globe. The telegraph was developed to such a pitch that — by 1901 — it could be used to send photographs.

UK Guide to Photographers’ Rights, v.2

A new version of the UK Guide to Photographers’ Rights appeared in Summer 2009.