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Hackcessible BBC

Accessible BBC Radio ‘Listen Again’ player and usage guide.

Points of View

Points of View: capturing the 19th century in photographs is the first major photography exhibition at the British Library, showing… “for the first time, a selection of images from the British Library’s unique collections” The free exhibition runs from 30th October 2009 to 7th March 2010. If you can’t afford to visit London, there’s a […]

The role of location in contemporary visual art practice

Meadow Arts are a hosting one-day event in Hereford, to discuss the role of location in contemporary visual art practice, on 6th November 2009. Speakers include artists: Ivan & Heather Morison, Mariele Neudecker, Clare Woods, Nathaniel Pitt, Yoke & Zoom, and local academics. To book your place email:

Built On Sand : A Birmingham Sampler 1978-86

FACT have the post-punk compilation album Built On Sand: A Birmingham Sampler 1978-86 (Karl O’Connor, Downwards records 2009) available online for free.    ( Hat-tip: Pete Ashton )

A new Eno album from 1976

I thought I knew all of Eno’s 1970s albums, but even after reading his doorstep-sized biography over the summer I was surprised to hear of the 1976 Tracks and Traces by Eno with Harmonia (Michael Rother, Roedelius and Moebius). Tracks & Traces finally surfaced as a retail CD in 1997 and was predictably sold-out soon […]

Pavilion of Postcontemporary Curating

Sutton Scarsdale Hall in nearby Derbyshire is a grand neo-classical ruin, roofless since 1919. Now it’s set to host an arts venue, as “The Pavilion of Postcontemporary Curating” — if the organisers can raise an ambitious £1,250,000. The project is now calling for entries. Submit your drawings, images or texts visualising uses for the space […]

Birmingham Rep to close for two years

The Stirrer brings news that the Birmingham Rep theatre is to close — for two years, while the new library is built next door. When a similar closure happened at the Mac arts centre, there was a £7m proposal for a replacement programme of outreach and off site events. But then funding was refused by […]

Brilliantly Birmingham

The new 2009 Brilliantly Birmingham site has just gone live. The contemporary jewellery festival starts on the 21st of November.

Graphic Novel and Comic Conference – Manchester 2010

A new academic conference on comics has been announced. Manchester Metropolitan University will host The Graphic Novel and Comic Conference: Comics: Cultures & Genres in January 2010… “to explore the intersections between comic books, graphic novels, their audiences and the ways they reflect the cultures and subcultures that produce them.”

Bonking Brits

It only maps Love Honey sales data — but the new UK Sex Map claims to be… “Our unique research project reveals where in the UK we spend the most on our sex lives – and what we’re spending it on. The map shows how many times the national average people in each region spend […]

Virtual Consumption

Just published from Finland, Virtual Consumption (PDF link, 1.6Mb) by Vili Lehdonvirta. The ebook arises from a PhD thesis examining those who spend real money on virtual goods in virtual worlds.

An Endless Supply

An Endless Supply No.7 (PDF, 42Mb). Commissioned by the Birmingham Contemporary Art Forum for Birmingham’s The Event, the 20-page zine… “features every artist, group or curator involved in the five day festival”. The Event starts on 4th November 09.

Rea Garden

A fab opportunity in Birmingham… “The Rea Garden [aka Secret Garden Project] is an outdoor artist project space in Birmingham, run and managed by artist group Behind Closed Doors. A new residency will commence January 2010. The selected artist will have access to work in The Rea Garden for 10 weeks. This will culminate in […]


FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER required… “No Photography experience needed” Ad in the newspaper.


MuseumNext is an online record (with lots of video) of a recent UK unconference on the future of museums.

Creative industries in Brum

In the Birmingham Post today… “The creative industries sector employs similar numbers to the legal, accountancy and management consultancy professions combined, and produced more than £660 million of GVA in 2007, according to the report undertaken by BOP Consulting and funded by Birmingham City Council […] creative industries account for around 20,000 jobs in Birmingham […]

Google’s Freedom channel

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the collapse of communism and the destruction of the hated Berlin Wall, Google has launched a YouTube channel devoted to freedom of expression issues. The fall of the Berlin Wall.

Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft Academic Search — live public beta. Currently indexing mainly technology and computing papers. With nice “who connects to who” author visualisations…

Microbiology in glass

Microbiology cast in glass…

Fantastic photomontage timeline updated

I’ve updated my Timeline of fantastic photomontage and its possible influences, 1857 – 2007 today.