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80 more items on Creative Stoke

Since it was last mentioned here on 16th Aug, I’ve added another 80 or so fresh items to the What’s New? page on Creative Stoke.


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Advancing by Design

Advancing by Design (PDF, 2Mb) is a 2009 report on… “the role universities in the West Midlands have played [pre-recession] in promoting design amongst businesses” Commenting on the report, the British Design Innovation trade-body scathingly noted in September 2009 that… “The report acknowledges that these HE interventions have negligible tangible data to demonstrate financial outputs, […]

Serious Games Institute programme

Coventry’s Serious Games Institute has their Autumn 2009 / 2010 programme online. Coming up: Serious Virtual Worlds Conference; Alternate Reality Gaming; Brain Computer Interfaces; and Artificial Intelligence in Gaming, among others.

Time to Play

NESTA’s Time to Play report (PDF, 200kb), examining the best ways for UK government to support the videogames industry, is now online in full.

Rhubarb sprouts again

Good news. Rhubarb-Rhubarb’s international portfolio review will happen in 2010 after all. After an avalanche of support, Rhubarb-Rhubarb now plans to run a full summer programme, including reviews and the summer school (originally planned as the replacement) in 2010.

Black Country Creative Advantage seminar

Black Country Creative Advantage team are looking for enthusiastic and curious activists and researchers, architects, artists, designers, and planners. You’ll participate in a seminar in November 2009 (PDF link) to help launch the two-year Black Country Creative Advantage project, which will investigate how the arts can relate to or impact on regeneration. The exact date […]

Birmingham Gamer Camp

Gamer Camp is a free full-time intensive training course in Birmingham, running from 16th Nov to 11th Dec 09. You’ll have one week of professional training in either game programming or interface design, followed by three weeks of mentoring by Codemasters & Sega Racing Studio veteran Guy Wilday. Places are free but strictly limited to […]

Investing in creative industries

The Work Foundation think-tank, DCMS, and the Local Government Association have produced a free booklet — Investing in creative industries: a guide for local authorities (July 2009). The usual bevy of dubious statistics lead the way, but there are also many useful checklists after page 36.

s-3D on a normal LCD screen

Stereo-3D gaming on a normal LCD screen, without having to spend £1000 on kit. I can see some free online games coming, which fit their colour-scheme to work best with red-blue glasses (Nvidia’s drivers already try to shift colours, but with only partial success), and where the game play references the fact that the game’s […]

Spotify spotted

Ah, Spotify. Endless free streaming music. Nice, while it lasted. I just had a warning from my ISP that I’m bumping up against my “amount downloaded per month” limit (streaming music can eat 200-500Mb per hour), and thus risk having my bandwidth heavily reduced for the subsequent month. I guess it’s back to local files […]