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Mass Effect 2 pre-ordering now

Mmm…. shiny. Amazon UK now has a Mass Effect 2 release date (PC: 31st Oct 2009) and is taking pre-orders. There’s also a fan-oriented teaser-trailer for the game. The game had previously been mooted for Spring 2010, so let’s hope the studio isn’t planning to rush-release an unfinished game for the Christmas market. Mass Effect […]

Talent Spot

The Arts Newspaper ponders the future of what passes for arts journalism in mainstream newspapers, in the face of massive jobs cuts at newspapers in the U.S., and the long-term decline of newspaper arts criticism pages into vapid ‘celebrities and movies’ pages…. “Some fascinating new web-based funding models appear less suited to rescuing the mainstream […]

After The Crunch

After The Crunch is a 54-page “collection of texts” (published by the Creative & Cultural Skills Council and the British Council) discussing how the creative economy might help the UK to emerge from the recession… “42 artists, entrepreneurs, commentators, analysts, policy-makers, policy-sceptics, academics, financiers — and citizens — to set out their hopes and fears […]

w i d e o p e n s p a c e

w i d e o p e n s p a c e is on Saturday 9th May 09 in Birmingham, and is… “…an afternoon of fun, games and picnics around the Curzon Street area of Birmingham. Come and explore the terrain and its possibilities with us.” Games to include: Hat Snap (which seems to […]

Arts & humanities safe(?) as £1 billion in research funding evaporates

News from the THES… “researchers will be left reeling by the news that not only is there no trace of the extra £1 billion for science that ministers were reportedly seeking to stimulate the economy, but there will be an internal raid on [research] funding pots to finance more directed programmes.” Thankfully it looks like […]