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The bomb that plants trees

The SeedBomb, for planting things in remote and otherwise inaccessible or dangerous areas. From Jin-Wook Hwang who also had the wind-tunes bicycle idea, previously featured on D’log.

Google power tools

The main Google search results now offer a new set of advanced search tools, via a drop-down left-hand sidebar… Most standard search-modifiers work with these new search types. Most useful are the real-time and near-time tools. The one I’ll be using all the time is the ability to sort results by the date at which […]

Smell the coffee

‘Would you like Costa or Starbucks with your Central Library, sir?’ The Stirrer smells the coffee at a public consultation.

Creative Industries conference, Nov 09

Staffordshire University’s Institute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration is set to host a Creative Industries and Creative Communities conference in the city of Stoke-on-Trent (November 2009, £119 + VAT). The organisers are currently calling for papers on:   ‘Promoting the creative industries sector, which policies work?’ ; ‘Attracting, training, and supporting creative workers’; and ‘Fostering […]

Float your boat

Fab; it’s seems there’s to be an actual Birmingham gay pride parade in 2009, after the 2008 cancellation. There’s what is ominously billed as “a political rally” in Victoria Square first — but then the parade floats start to roll at 2pm on Sat 23rd May 09, down New Street and then (appropriately) encircling the […]

Flash Camp Birmingham

Flash Camp Birmingham, at the Birmingham Library Theatre, 16th June 09… “Flash Camp Birmingham is a completely free event organised by the Midlands Flash Platform User Group. Over an afternoon and evening, experts in Flash, Flex and AIR will share their knowledge through presentations and talks. Come and meet some of the Adobe team, community […]

Archers fans

Who are the fans of BBC Radio 4’s long-running rural drama serial The Archers? (*). The Institute for the Study of European Transformations, via the AHRC / BBC Knowledge Exchange project, has been engaged in a study of Archers fans — and has published a final report (PDF, 200kb). (*) Which, of course, is made […]

Wheel life

Bicycles as locative-media production tool (video after the click).

Cultural Sector Economic Snapshot

Some new statistics, via the West Midlands Cultural Sector Economic Snapshot (April 2009). Visitor attractions (those open during Oct — Dec 08) saw visitor numbers increase by 8%. The report doesn’t say if that increase fed through into total visitor spending. I’d hazard a guess that one factor in the 8% rise might be people […]

Wrote Under: the movie

More true-life clips from Wrote Under: the movie.


BCU’s Birmingham Conservatoire has a large AHRC-funded website for their Historic Instruments Collection, including audio samples of the sounds.

VIVID memories

Birmingham’s VIVID has a new project… “VIVID has just had a project funded, to start recovery of images, memories and films from Birmingham in the 1980s — Birmingham Film and Video Workshop, Arts lab to Triangle period. We’ve put out the first call for new material from personal archives. Anyone who wants to know more […]

Russian lolcats

Russian lolcats, translated. Sort of.

Talent Retention

Birmingham Future has a new Talent Retention & Development Committee for the city.

Eccentric City

Eccentric City No.3, the closest thing Birmingham has to a genuine old-school off-the-wall fanzine, is out on 12th May 09. Paypal accepted.

Shift Time

Shift Time : Festival of Ideas (2nd – 12th July 09) is set to happen in and round The Quarry park, and town-centre, in the town of Shrewsbury… “exploring mankind’s forward motion … a festival of far reaching ideas — including robotics, artificial intelligence, animation, film, performance, exhibitions, street science and a whole host of […]

No record-player required

Now the best bit of the charity shop comes to you.


Multimodal Brain Orchestra use brain-reading caps to make music. When the $299 Emotiv EPOC is in the shops (eta Autumn 2009) I can see various synthpop bands trying to go “brainwave-only” — if only for some stage shows.

Been counting

An interesting estimate of the quantifiable economic worth of one, somewhat highbrow, London gallery exhibition… ” [ the AHRC estimated ] the economic benefits of an exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, funded in part by an AHRC research grant of £850,000. The event, “At Home in Renaissance Italy”, was held in 2006. It […]

Dig for Britain

A Digital Britain report consultation event in Birmingham, on 12th May 09.