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Accents and dialects

Accents and dialects of England…

Locker librarian

A hero of free speech.

JURN hits 2,500 ejournals

JURN just broke the 2,500 barrier, with 2,504 arts and humanities ejournals now indexed. Put it on your own blog posts (although it doesn’t play nicely with hosted WordPress blogs), with this ‘copy & paste’ snippet of code.

Radio Archive

Fed up with the way that BBC Radio 4’s “listen again” documentaries increasingly vanish after just a few days online? Remember how we were once promised that the entire BBC archives would be made freely available online for non-commercial use, instead of languishing unheard in dusty vaults? While we wait, the Radio Archive is a […]

Well, I’ll be em-dashed

An essay in the increasingly stellar Standpoint magazine, on the rise and rise of the em-dash in punctuation — gulp. So I now realise I’m a dashed em-dash glutton — but at least it seems I’m not alone.

Birmingham, Future?

A Birmingham Future event on Thursday 28th May 2009, 6pm at Bevan Brittan, Interchange Place, Edmund Street, Birmingham… “Birmingham Future is proud to announce its first open forum debate of 2009 — giving you the chance to make sure your voice is heard on the most pressing issues of the day. Birmingham Future’s debates team […]

Tales from the gaming industry

There’s to be a free talk at Millennium Point in Birmingham, on Thursday 28th May 09 (be there for 6pm). Bruce Everiss will speak about his experiences in marketing and establishing two major video game companies, Imagine and Codemasters… “Bruce has been involved with the home computer industry since its start in the late 1970s […]


A selection of groovy mid-1970s Danish and Dutch interior design (made safe for work).

Borderline fantastic

A new issue of my Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic overlay ejournal, themed this time as “Borderline fantastic — maps and the imagination”. All texts are freely available online.

Serendipity engines

A strong debate at the foot of a story in the U.S. Chronicle of Higher Education, a story triggered by a rash of apparently polemical books condemning a new “Twitter generation” of young people (and, by implication, students). Although I can’t help thinking that this rather hazy idea of a slack-brained “Twitter generation” serves partly […]

Isolated Building Studies

Isolated Building Studies.

A vision of augmented reality in 2019

Museums & Society in 2034

A short report, Museums & Society 2034: Trends and Potential Futures (Feb 2009)… “What challenges will society and museums face in the next quarter-century? … Will the “real” survive the assault of the “virtual”? Will the number of leisure-time alternatives continue to grow? Will the lines between work and leisure, public and private, continue to […]

Legal Guide for Bloggers

A free 2009 Legal Guide for Bloggers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Somewhat U.S. specific — but a good template for a UK version, I should think.

Lexikon der Phantastischen Kunstler

A new encylopedia of fantastic, visionary, surrealist and symbolist visual artists. Sadly it’s all in German, but it’s good to know it exists.

Leading Lights

Opening at the Thinktank (Millennium Point) in Birmingham, on 9th June 09 — Richard Cannon’s Leading Lights, a photography exhibition of portraits of young scientists, technologists, and engineers who are… “pushing the boundaries of what is possible”. If you can’t get to the show, or can’t afford a Thinktank ticket, or don’t want to battle […]

Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine

Back in November 2005 I blogged on D’log… “Future amateur photographers may be able to download a “Cartier-Bresson module” for their “Hot or Not? v1.0″³ Photoshop plug-in, giving their image a “1-to-10″³ aesthetic judgement when compared to a database of the compositions and dark-light spacings of Cartier-Bresson’s best pictures. As Cartier-Bresson once said of photography: […]


Oops. It seems that a TV tourism ad for Stratford-upon-Avon was actually filmed “66 miles and two counties away” in Shropshire.

Stereo-3D on the XBox 360 and PS3

Video from last night’s IGDA event in Leamington Spa, at which local games developers Blitz showcased their solution for stereo-3D on the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3…


Created In Birmingham brings welcome news of a major comics production training opportunity in Birmingham. It sounds like it’s essentially the old StripSearch scheme under a new name. The new name for the scheme is Comix, and (as was the case with StripSearch) it’s run by Hi8us, and tutored by John McCrea and Hunt Emerson […]