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Nottingham Contemporary

News of yet another new contemporary art gallery for the East Midlands, this one trailing somewhat behind the bunch launched late last year. Nottingham Contemporary is apparently pitched as a “contemporary super-gallery”, and is due to open in Autumn 2009. Predictably it’s over budget, and is likely to open at a cost of £20-million.

Arts Council England, West Midlands to be abolished?

It seems that it may be goodbye to Arts Council England, West Midlands, as the nation hobbles joyously toward the 2012 Olympics. According to The Stage and the Council’s own restructuring plan, it will be effectively merged into a far larger Arts Council region that will cover “the Midlands and South-West” — that’s coast-to-coast from […]

Stoke Your Fires 09

Coming up soon, the Stoke Your Fires animation festival in Stoke-on-Trent. I can’t copy and paste an info-quote here, since the site’s done in Flash — but the dates are 2nd-3rd April 09.

Eee rotate

A little free app called Eee Rotate v.1.1. Now I can use my Asus Eee mini-laptop screen as a Kindle-like “upright” ebook reader, by rotating the screen display, something that many cheap laptops don’t enable. Interestingly, I find that Google can now search for MS Reader ebook files (.lit) by using filetype:lit as a search […]

Wrong Format

Over in the East Midlands, Derby City Council has managed to further damage the creative reputation of the place — by censoring its own Format International Photography Festival. Luckily the British Journal of Photography is on the case, and has placed the censored work online.

Rights grabs

A new UK survey… “…of more than 1,000 photographers, press agencies and picture libraries for the British Photographic Council found that 93% of photographers have come under pressure to hand over greater rights to clients for no increase in the fee, with 76% saying that their income has fallen as a result.”

Peter Donnelly

A short illustrated biography of Birmingham photographer Peter Donnelly (1932-2005), written by Dr. Carl Chinn. And talking of photographers, a superb portrait of a Birmingham barber, by Sean Dooley…

National Campaign for the Arts visits Brum

Coming up, on Friday 27th March 09 — the NCA Arts Election Manifesto Tour rolls into Birmingham. Specifically, the Birmingham Rep. from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. The National Campaign for the Arts is holding such a string of such local events… “to develop an Arts Manifesto for the next General Election”. Any attempt to head off […]

Imaginary Landscapes

Imaginary Landscapes: a film about Brian Eno (Flash video, 40 minutes). Directed by Duncan Ward, and made in 1989. Now online for free.

Culture vultures

Interactive Cultures ponders if Business Link is pulling its weight in Birmingham. Dave Harte has similar questions about Created in Birmingham. And Andy Derrick ponders what’s happened to music funding in the city.

1000 years of history collapses into rubble

A grim warning from Germany, quite possibly relevant to the crumbling concrete structure of our own Birmingham Central Library… “From the outside, the Historical Archive certainly looked indestructible. The bunker-like concrete structure was built in 1971, with a raw concrete façade and slit-like windows. […] somewhere underneath the rubble lie the remains of 500,000 photographs […]

Lost Labour

Lost Labour — a photography archive of the strange and wonderful jobs that people used to do in the 20th century, but which have since become extinct to make way for new specialisms in new industries.

Beyond Bricks

The Beyond Bricks website is online, for a series of Spring 09 arts projects in Handsworth.

JURN now indexing over 2,000 ejournals

JURN just broke the “2,000 ejournals indexed” barrier.


In-game video from an unusual just-released PS3 videogame called “Flower”…


A worthy replacement for the tired old Wired magazine? H+ magazine has PDF issues, so you can test-read.