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Sculpting trees


Charles Lindsay, “The River”

A photo-essay by Charles Lindsay, The River. Part of the superbly-designed Big Sky Journal (journal of arts and culture in the American west) website.

The curse of the special ‘arts issue’

Daniel Seidell on the curse of the special ‘arts issue’.

Flatpack unpacked

Flatpack Festival 09 — the details/programme now seems to be fully online.

My short guide to academic search

Latest version is here.


Photoresearcher, a free full-text ejournal in the history of photography. Oddly, the web page is in German, but the PDFs issues are in English. Free archives from 1990 – 2007.

ArtNodes: locative media and artistic practice

The latest issue of ArtNodes, a free ejournal, is themed as “locative media and artistic practice”. Having erased geography with the web, it seems that with the mobile we’re bringing it back into focus.


Back in April 08 I outlined an idea for a ‘container shop’ system, for adding spice to moribund retail in cities. Now Australia’s Nest Architects have just had a go at developing a basic prototype, which they’ve titled the Gorman Ship-Shop. Puma also has an entire shippable store, called the CoutureSteez.

Inspiration Bank

Inspiration Bank — a newly expanded website, making art collections from around the West Midlands searchable and ‘zoomable’.

The Map Reader

More proof that it’s still possible to make an award-winning feature-length movie for micro amounts of funding — in this case at the cost of $150,000 NZ (about £55,000 UK). The trailer…

Thomas E. Gardiner

Thomas E. Gardiner — a photographer who seems to be continuing the approach to human landscapes pioneered by Raymond Moore, but in colour, and used to express a Nabakovian vision of small-town North America… [ Hat-tip: Rumblings… ]

Extreme knitting

Birmingham’s extreme-knitting meet-up has just announced a string of meeting dates in 2009. Mama feel good blog has the info and link to the list of dates.

Information visualisation through paper-shaping

Information visualisation through paper-shaping… the winners… [ Hat-tip: dp ]


Are you an artist or photographer combining mapping/maps and photographs? The forthcoming exhibition Photocartographies: Tattered Fragments of the Map now has an open call for entries. Deadline: 31st March 09, and the exhibition opens in California on 16th May 09.

Tea snorts

“Brummie Mis-Hearings” T-Shirts (or should that be “tea snorts”?), now on sale at iBostin.

Into Oblivion

Good news. It seems Stoke-on-Trent are advertising for a new Chief Executive who plays role-playing fantasy videogames. Oblivion, specifically… “The good news is… we’re 20 minutes from Oblivion”. I guess an ability to immerse oneself in gory fantasy-worlds will provide a certain advantage when dealing with the public-sector in this city. Although on second-thoughts, I […]

NUJ demo

The NUJ are organising a “mass demonstration” of photographers outside Scotland Yard, on 16th Feb 09, to remind the police that photographers still have the legal right to take pictures in public places. There’s also a Facebook group for more info.

Mofuse RSS for D’log

D’log now has a mobile devices RSS feed, and automatic redirect for mobile visitors, courtesy of the Mofuse WordPress plugin. Preview in iPhone interface…

Heavy Metal Band Names

Very suitable for Birmingham & The Black Country, the birthplace of metal. An elegant Heavy Metal Band Name Flow-Chart made by Doogie Horner… Talking of which, a new promo for the Capsule “Home of Metal” cultural history project…

Catfood semiotics

BINS gives me a “wish I’d thought of that” moment. He made a visual survey of cats on cat-food packaging.