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7th Creative Industries Economic Estimates 2009

For what it’s worth, amid the other status reports on the economy: the 7th Creative Industries Economic Estimates 2009 (January 2009) (PDF link).

Surrealism in 2009

The recent flurry of British scholarly and curatorial interest in the history of surrealism continues in 2009:— The Whitworth Art Gallery (University of Manchester) hosts “Dwelling, Walking, Falling: an international conference on the Experience of Everyday Space” from 13th-14th February 09 (£30). It aims to… “address the social, political and psychoanalytical modes through which we […]

Motion Disabled

Fab! Robots and motion-capture rig art, and premiering in a local art gallery. Motion Disabled opens today at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, … “Artist Simon McKeown’s Motion Disabled, a moving digital sculpture of films recapturing the movements of disabled actors through miniature, skeletal robots, is designed to re-present the ways in which five physically impaired people […]

Broadfield House Glass Museum to close

It seems that the Broadfield House Glass Museum, in Wordsley/Kingswinford, in the Black Country, has been slated for closure by April 2010… “It is the only dedicated glass museum in Great Britain of international repute and ranked in the top five worldwide. … A saving of approximately £120,000 per annum will be made but the […]

Kaleidoscope Man – new sci-fi film in Birmingham

Simon Cox is Making Kaleidoscope Man… “Hi, I’m Simon Cox and welcome to my blog. For years now I’ve been developing a fantastic new movie called Kaleidoscope Man and my aim is to make it one of the greatest British sci-fi movies of all time” He was 2nd Unit Director on the nearly Oscar-nominated Gone […]

Runaway dogs

The Art Newspaper has more news on the fate of The Public, the potential arts centre in West Bromwich. Along with the old chestnut… “We were told that the gallery closures were because of technical teething problems with the art installations, particularly with the computer technology.” But how difficult can it be? It’s been six […]

Figuring Landscapes

The touring exhibition Figuring Landscapes: artists’ moving image from Australia and the UK will briefly touch down in Birmingham soon. It’s at VIVID from 25th to 28th February 09, open from 12-noon to 5.45pm. The films… “in Figuring Landscapes address questions of ecological survival, post-industrialism, gender, the touristic gaze, and uniquely in Australia, the social, […]

BIAD research events

BIAD has some interesting-sounding public talks coming up in 2009, to be held in the School of Theoretical and Historical Studies… 25th March 09. Queer encounters with art: Lisa Metherell and Henry Rogers. 29th April 09. Methods and structures of authorship in relation to computers and drawing: Stephen Bulcock and Andy Saxon. 24th June 09. […]

The Bhangra Music Industry in Birmingham

Three full-text scholarly essays: “Bhangra In Birmingham”; “Birmingham Bhangra Industry”; and “The Bhangra Music Industry in Birmingham”, all part of the Punch Records / Heritage Lottery website Soho Road to the Punjab: 50 years of music and style.

Authentic Appearances

Authentic Appearances… “It is in the Black Country, West Midlands, where Robinson and the narrator find the most authentically industrial landscape yet, and its aesthetic differs remarkably from the nearby Merry Hill shopping centre, another outpost of the concentrated promotional aesthetic. As the camera faces a small factory, Robinson [ in Robinson in Space ] […]

Big City Plan in Plain English

Birmingham’s Big City Plan in Plain English. The cultural/arts question… “What further cultural and arts facilities might be needed in the city centre to promote the national and global image of Birmingham?”

Impress 09

A national print-making festival, within easy reach of the West Midlands. Impress 09 is in Stroud in Gloucestershire, from 28th February — 29th March 09… “demonstrations and workshops, open to the public, led by masters in their field. A symposium, lectures and guided tours of exhibitions (inc. the prestigious Curwen Collection, lent by Tate Britain) […]

In the air

An elegant-looking real-time data visualisation of the air pollution in a city. In this case, Madrid. “In the Air is a visualization project which aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents of Madrid’s air (gases, particles, pollen, diseases, etc), to see how they perform, react and interact with the rest of the city.” […]

Wooly pixels

Cross-stitch embroidery moves into a new generation… videogame maps…

Channel 4 to pump billions into UK-made content. Maybe.

Channel 4 is reported to have promised £5-billion “for UK-made content” over the next ten years, including “up to” £1.5 billion to buy content… “originating from outside the Greater London area”. Potentially rather nice for the West Midlands, if it happens. But C4 is staring at losses of £100 million a year from 2012. Of […]

Charity photography exhibition at the Mailbox

It’s rather ironic, given the increasing police harassment of photographers, to learn that Home Secretary Jackie Smith will be in Birmingham on the 23rd January 09… “for a charity photography exhibition at the Mailbox.” Given the attitude of both Jackie and the Mailbox (incident 1 & 2) to photographers, I doubt that casual snappers will […]

Putting the ‘cross’ in cross-disciplinary

IT techies and paranoid corporate lawyers appear to be unwittingly conspiring to stifle cross-disciplinary intellectual inquiry at the University of Birmingham.

Art in Digbeth

Digbeth is Good muses on the developing small cluster (we need a word for one of those: a cleat?) of contemporary art spaces in Digbeth. With links. Stay on top of what’s going on in the area, with Birmingham Eastside blog’s handy new combo RSS feed from all the blogs that cover that area/scene.


A Birmingham meet-up for those interested in organising an arty Birmingham ARG game.

Hosting your own widescreen Flash videos, using WordPress

There are a few reasons why you might want to host your own widescreen videos on your WordPress weblog. The main one being that you won’t have to see the YouTube logo and the other instrusive cluttering ‘pop-up FX’ in embedded video. You’ll get better control over compression. You’ll also be able to break the […]