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No more Post at the Mailbox

After all the hoo-ha about securing the editing of two gardening programmes for Birmingham, it now seems that the BBC Post Production unit at the Mailbox is to close down, possibly taking those gardening programmes with it(?)… ‘BBC Resources Birmingham and Bristol bases will be closed at the loss of 76 jobs. “BBC Resources cannot […]

Getting Emotiv has a long intelligent profile of the company behind the Emotiv, the mind-reading headset for gaming (and doubtless, for all sorts of applications within creative media production) that’s due soon.

WiFi Army

WiFi Army; it’s the game of urban “tag/paintball” played with mobile phone camera s and GPS/wifi. Or, possibly, it’s just vapourware (their main .com site recently vanished). If it does launch, then this augmented-reality game apparently runs on Google Android and looks like this (video). Sure to be adored by The Daily Mail and secondary […]