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Oliver Postgate, 1925-2008

A BBC documentary (video, part one) on the animations made by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin (aka Smallfilms: Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, The Clangers, Pogles’ Wood). Part two and three.

Big portal

The organisers of Birmingham’s Big City Plan, a template for future city-centre development, now have the official “consultation portal” online.

Jewellery Quarter A-Z

A new A-Z directory of jewellery / silversmithing firms and artisans operating in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. With added blog, and property search facilities. If you hop down there today, you’ll find the quarter has an Open Studios day, as part of Brilliantly Birmingham. Also; there’s currently a £3m bid for a silversmithing museum in the […]

Fallout 3 construction kit

Brilliant; Bethesda has released what seems to be a full-blown modding / construction kit for Fallout 3. Given what one of these enabled the fans to do for Oblivion and Morrowind, Fallout 3 will be an even more stellar game in a year’s time. The first thing I want is a giant fire-breathing robot dog…

Woolworths Flickr’d

Closure of Woolworths: the Flickr group.

47 minutes to Brum

Ooh, new train services from Stoke to Birmingham. Dull, I know, but here we go…. The basic good news for Stoke-on-Trent is this… An exactly 90 minute morning service (9.12am) from Stoke-on-Trent into London Euston. Which is the quickest morning service yet. Many inter-city services now offer a 47 minute service to Birmingham New St. […]

Unit 15

Next Monday sees a free public evening talk at BIAD. Members of Unit 15 will talk about using film, animation, and photography, over a period of a decade, as a way of developing new forms of architectural visualisation. From 6pm at the School of Theoretical and Historical Studies, BIAD (Gosta Green), Birmingham City University, on […]

Ephemeral Media

Internet Attractions: Workshop on Ephemeral Media will be at the University of Nottingham, from 23rd – 24th June 2009. It… “examines a particular feature of our accelerated media world — the growth of the brief or ephemeral texts that exist beyond and between the films, television programmes, and radio broadcasts more commonly isolated for [academic] […]

“Birmingham doesn’t need a creative director”

“Senior council boss insists Birmingham doesn’t need a creative director”. Presumably the “assistant director of regeneration” — wouldn’t have spoken to the Post unless he felt he represented a general sentiment within the Council?

MLA events reports

Museums Libraries Archives West Midlands held two panel events recently, both of which seem to have been completely missed by the blogs and the press. But the MLA have posted lengthy summaries online. 12th September 08 saw Culture vs. Commerce: “a live debate to explore issues around the business and economics of culture”… “Where a […]


A delicious HD (1080i) video shot with the new Canon 5D II camera , and (apparently) with nothing done to it in post production other than the editing. Even without skilled lighting and lens-swopping work the video output still looks excellent. I’m already thinking that the 5D II has to be the next step up […]

Teddy bears in space

The UK may have little space capability left, but British school children can still send a teddy bear into space. I sense a plot-strand for the next St. Trinians movie…

Died Young Stayed Pretty

A new feature-length documentary about creative production, this time it’s the contemporary music poster scene in the U.S. Died Young Stayed Pretty looks like a rather elegant film, judging by the trailer. A few wobbly hand-held camera shots at the start (offputting; I can’t watch hand-held films), but the rest of the camera work and […]


The Birmingham International Film Society has a brand new website. They hold screenings twice a week in the city-centre. And talking of new web places, Birmingham Photospace now has a Facebook Group to join. Next meeting is 8th December at the cafe in the Central Library — 6.30pm-8.00pm.

Birmingham Music Network

Another Birmingham-oriented guild/club/group for creative producers, one that I don’t think I’ve noticed before — the Birmingham Music Network…

Raise The Game

NESTA has just issued a Raise The Game report (for which the heavy-lifting seems to be by Games Investor Consulting). The report makes the case that the British videogames industry revenues will slip down world rankings, from 3rd to 5th place in 2009, unless the government/taxpayer gives the same sort of support the British film […]

Bashing the gongs

I don’t normally mention gongs on D’log. But there’s strong debate on the Creative City Awards, over at Created in Birmingham… “they spent more time and energy bigging up the people who were going to hand out the awards rather than looking at the ‘creative’ talent who were in the room […] after the awards […]

Oldest LOLcat?

Oldest LOLcat ever found? From circa 1905, apparently.

In Public

Pete Ashton muses on the venue for the C:Cubed launch; The Public in West Bromwich.

Generative pop videos

A short video of a recent TED presentation in the U.S., by Jacob Trollback… “What would a music video look like if it were directed by the music, purely as an expression of a great song, rather than driven by a filmmaker’s concept? Designer Jakob Trollback shares the results of his experiment in the form.”