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“I can haz spway paint?”

Poodle Parade!… Got to have one of these at Crufts in Birmingham next year. Or maybe at Birmingham’s Gay Pride, assuming the Arts Council doesn’t put the funding kibosh on it again in 2009.

“Come up and see my etchings…”

Phil Wilkinson is a Birmingham printmaker with some accomplished etchings of Birmingham… In his latest blog posting he gives a step-by-step demonstration of etching the demolition of Highgate in Birmingham.


Pete Ashton has a report on the recent C:Cubed launch event in West Bromwich.

Worst art shows in 2008

In a welcome splash of opinionated art criticism in the British press, Richard Dorment looks back at the the worst art shows in 2008.

Nicole Dextras

Nicole Dextras. Yuca Prom Dress.

Scholarship on the Elder Scrolls games

A short bibliography of Oblivion and Morrowind scholarship. Short, because that’s all there is.

“We watched Birmingham burn”

“We watched Birmingham burn” (video). The first bombing raid of the war was on Birmingham, and the city had the heaviest bombing outside of London. Around 6,000 homes were destroyed.

Sexy shorts

Animation Forums WM reports on a November debate at the FLIP Festival, on how short-form animators can be supported and sustained… “No one has yet worked out a financial model for making money from animated shorts [without the support of traditional broadcasters]. “Ultimately, the change will be when commissioning fees rise to a level which […]

PDF print plugin for Firefox.

The Firefox plug-in ‘PDF Download’ updated to version 2.1 a few days ago, and now includes a fine new ‘Print to PDF’ function, for archiving web pages to PDF. The results are rather good, at least from a weblog, and hyperlinks are retained. The results are far better than the same page captured with […]

Just another day on Earth

Time-lapse year in a wood by Entropius88. Set to “Just another day on Earth” by Brian Eno.

Clicking hell

More dim security guards hassling photographers in Birmingham… “…I was approached by a pair of security guards who asked if I had a license to be photographing there. […] Having already managed to get the shot I was after I left and moved onto the Mailbox, where I had the same experience. This time the […]

‘The rain, the blossom’

Phew; I’m starting to relax, after the end of term on Friday and clearing the emails and other things over the weekend. Spring, so far away…

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research: Call for Artists

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is an online, open access academic journal. I’m now working with the JVWR Editorial Board to find cover artwork to represent the theme of the next issue: “Cultures of Virtual Worlds”. The issue will be published online on 30th January 2009. Deadline for submissions: 16th January 2009. Full details […]

Re-install a Morrowind fit for 2009

Build a Morrowind fit for 2009, in twelve relatively easy steps. With 1920px widescreen and a proper field-of-view, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, hi-res textures, new sounds, new lands, and thousands of bugfixes. It took me half a day, but some of that time was spent making this website documenting the process. Hopefully it’ll take you […]

Sigma DP1

On the last day of term, a little treat for myself from Jacobs; a Sigma DP1 camera and an Extreme III SD card. One of my first test pics…

Laura Howell

The BBC has a lengthy interview with Birmingham’s Laura Howell, the first female comic artist to work on The Beano.


Still waiting for the promised C:Cubed webcast to be online — but there are at least now some short YouTube clips of the main speakers. [ Hat-tip: Dave Harte ]

Profile of Brum’s creative industries

A new 48-page printed booklet offering a profile of the creative and cultural industries in Birmingham; launched yesterday. Featured are: 383 Project; Gas Street Works; Stan’s Cafe; and Capsule. No download version yet, according to my searches of Google and the Business Link WM website.

Birmingham Life

Birmingham Life; an entertaining blog from a Japanese blogger in Birmingham, with special emphasis on Birmingham food and food shopping… “The pricing in M&S is beyond my comprehension. Some of the items are double or three times higher than the supermarkets/discounters I usually go to. […] And the cashiers were SO slow. I really missed […]

Liquid Rescale for GIMP (Windows)

There’s now a reasonably polished 0.5 Windows version of the seam-carving software Liquid Rescale 0.5.1 for GIMP (GIMP being the free open-source Photoshop -like image editing software). It’s free and open-source. The prospect of having native seam-carving in Photoshop is something that photographers have been drooling over since summer 2007. There was a Photoshop plugin […]