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Nutopia: Exploring The Metropolitan Imagination on 2nd & 3rd April 09, to be held inside and around Cardiff’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades… “The aim of the [multi disciplinary] symposium is to create a map of perspectives revealing our thoughts on the 21st century metropolitan ‘imagination’ [as it relates to] the nature of community, the human […]

British comics are thriving

A new Mintel market report confirms that the British children’s comics market is thriving… “The pre-teen market […] has experienced […] a massive 72% increase since 2003, and were worth £136m this year, thanks to new titles such as Dr Who Adventures. [ while ] teenage magazines declined by 61%, according to research by consumer […]

Workshop of The World

A new Flash website on the history of Birmingham and area, focussing on our reputation as The Workshop of The World.

Birmingham Photospace blog

Birmingham Photospace Group — exploring the possibilities for a contemporary photography gallery for Birmingham — have a new weblog, and it’s starting to fill up nicely. The group’s next meeting is Monday 8th December 08, from 6.30pm in the cafe at the Central Library.

A walk in the fog

A walk in the fog: 12 pictures.

Does Birmingham Need a Creative Director?

Stefan Lewandowski posts a link to the recent Design Week article, which asked “Does Birmingham Need a Creative Director?”… ‘I would be very interested if it arose,’ he [ Michael Wolff ] admits. ‘I would like to work for a city — it’s something I’ve never done before.’ Birmingham Central has additional comment on the […]


International Journal of Motorcycle Studies

The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies — free, full-text, and not what you might think. Rather than being about nuts & bolts and time-trials, it looks at what might broadly be termed ‘the cultural history of the motorcycle and motorcyclists’, examining films, novels, and more. To date, there are four volumes online (ten issues).

Art of Birmingham review

Terry Grimley reviews BM&AG’s Art of Birmingham: 1940 – 2008 exhibition. (Until 1st Feb 09).

Teaching digital painting at BIAD

An interview with BIAD teacher Kate Broom, about using the ‘digital paint’ software ArtRage 2 (a more basic form of software like Painter X) and an interactive whiteboard, to teach students basic painting skills. [ Honesty-ping: Kate’s one of my colleagues at BIAD ]


A lovely-looking new aspirational website for the west side of Birmingham (which seems to start at the western entrance of New St. Station, run out to the top of Broad St. at Five Ways, and take in the north bit of Edgbaston along the Hagley Rd. at the southern edge, and the Ickneild Port Loop […]

Round the Bounds

Jon Bounds offers a lengthy psychogeographic meditation on the class structure of Birmingham, as seen from the top of the famous No.11 bus on a full circuit of the city. I’m thinking this might, with the addition of suitable mix of ambient field-recordings as a background, be spoken by Jon and then added as an […]

“He’d never get a job these days”

An excellent hour-long BBC profile (currently on ‘listen again’) of the early radio career of Kenny Everett, and his genius for pushing the radio format into new territories. Sadly, it includes the observation that’s almost become a stock phrase, in biographies of those who shaped the 1960s and 70s — “He’d never get a job […]

Visualising Facebook

Visualising the data flows created by Facebook actions and interactions. Notice that the UK is an intense glowing hotspot… Made as part of the Facebook Hackathon by the Palantir Project (Jack Lindamood, Kevin Der and Dan Weatherford).

Center for Future Storytelling

MIT announce a $25m Center for Future Storytelling. No dedicated website yet, but it sounds promising — especially as MIT is generally committed to making its talks, and substantial parts of MIT Press books available online for free.

Road games

A full-text 2008 PhD thesis on Playing with the Highway Experience: Pervasive Games on the Road, from Sweden’s Interactive Institute.

Charlotte Hughes-Martin

Charlotte Hughes-Martin has an exhibition on now in Sutton Coldfield, north of Birmingham. The Milk Bottle Art show at the Artifex Gallery shows engraved milk bottles, originally left on doorsteps as an art-prank… There’s a full online gallery of the bottles, on her website. Originally from Crewe, she now has a studio in Stourbridge.

Spore in ceramics

If Spore Creature Creator had a ceramics kiln add-on pack… Just what you want to populate some imaginary gardens…

Performing Space Symposium, Nottingham in 09

News of the Radiator Arts Festival in Nottingham in early 2009, which will include a… “Performing Space Symposium (15-16th Jan 09) with Nottingham Trent University, gets artists together with architects, sociologists, city planners and urban theorists to share information about how our cities are changing and what new and challenging spaces are opening up as […]

Mac artists

Mac artists — a website for the nine artists invited to make artworks on the site of the Midlands Arts Centre in south Birmingham, currently being rebuilt.