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Scary WordPress upgrade time, delete posts after a set time

Eek! Scary WordPress 2.6.2 upgrade time. It seems to have gone fine. I’ve been resisting WordPress 2.5+ as long as possible, but wanted to install Atropos — a plugin that allows you to set an “auto-delete on a certain date” tag to your blog post. Atropos only works with WordPress 2.5 or higher. Useful for […]

10 things

People seem to be doing “10 things” and “100 things” lists, so I thought I’d chip in. We all know how wonderful Birmingham is. What would make it more wonderful? Below are 10 off-the-cuff ideas for things that Birmingham + area doesn’t yet appear to have, but perhaps should. Corrections are welcome — I’d be […]

Everyone aboard the No.11

CiB reports that Birmingham Photographic Grid -ers have an exhibition at the Mailbox, with kind sponsorship from London advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay… “This is a systematic look at Birmingham within the Number 11 bus route.” If you want to snap your own take on the fringes of that same area, via the famous city-circling […]

One-day conference on the writing industry

Lots of juicy workshops and seminars at the forthcoming Birmingham Book Festival. Including a one-day conference on the writing industry on Sat 18th Oct 08… “The Writers’ Toolkit is a day for emerging and established writers and anyone working in the writing industry to learn about aspects of the business in greater detail, connect with […]

SpaceX in orbit

The first private enterprise spacecraft just made it into orbit. Everything used was developed from scratch by a team of 550 people, so this is new kit. Hitch a ride… For those still stuck on the ground, Google Maps today added real-time traffic speed information for all major roads and motorways in England.

Two arts jobs in Brum

Birmingham City Council are advertising in the Guardian for an Arts Officer, and also a Creative Futures Officer (real-speak translation: ‘Arts for Kids Officer’).

Return of Brass Goggles

Birmingham’s recently vanished Brass Goggles blog is still alive… “There have been many issues of a technical nature to surmount, some of which are still receiving attention as I write”¦” Meanwhile, you can get a quick dose of crafts loveliness from PingMag…

Dreamscape does Brum

Dreamscape blogs on a tourist’s first-time perceptions of Manchester vs. Birmingham… “On average during my trip a place has one day to impress me, after that I’d be off to another location. Manchester failed to do anything but make me dislike the city. […] Manchester has this ‘dirty, mean, rude, industrial age sports-hooligans city’ theme […]

Shanghai new isometric city map – in your browser

Interactive isometric map of Shanghai, in your web browser. Of course, the haze of smog is missing. Can Birmingham compete with products like this? Even on a map of the central core? Or what about making such a map for the “functioning economic geographies” (city core + a higher bird’s-eye view of the outlying areas […]

Car Park abstractions

Car Park set.

Bicycle Film Festival

Cool, the 8th Bicycle Film Festival in London — from the 1st – 5th of October 08. And it doesn’t look overpopulated with ‘racing jocks in lycra’ films, either. The local Smethwick-based bicycle saddle-maker, Brooks, has even made a special limited-edition saddle in racing-green for the occasion…

X-Prize podcast

You may have heard that Google is helping fund the $30m Lunar X Prize to land on the moon, and has today launched its own $10m innovation ideas prize. So what’s going on here? Well, if you’re interested there’s an excellent new podcast (.mp3, 34Mb) that explains. It’s an hour-long Long Now talk by Peter […]

Free Film Studies

I’ve been asked to teach a B.A. Theatre module on ‘scripts-to-screen’ this semester, so it was good to find Film Studies for Free. It’s a new blog by UK academic Catherine Grant, who’s doing an excellent job of hoovering up links to substantial free ‘open access’ scholarly resources in Film Studies. Use in conjunction with […]

Free history of conservative politics in Brum

To mark the first Conservative conference in Birmingham, there’s a free 38-page booklet (PDF link) recounting the long history of various forms of conservative politics in Birmingham.

A twack – I haz it

The apartment-circling Cat Track… “At the end of the track, the cats have pillows atop the kitchen cabinets on which to rest. Then they jump down via the refrigerator and countertop to start the loop all over again. Maria and Bill said the cats loop the room at high speed with great repetition, without tiring […]

Kerouac at the Barber

The Barber Gallery in Birmingham is to host Jack Kerouac: Back On the Road, which will include the first-ever European exhibition of the novel’s 120-foot long typed manuscript, after it fetched $2.4-million in auction in 2005… “To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the novel’s first publication in Britain in 1958, the scroll will be […]

NESTA games event in Bham

In my recent round-up of the media/art/regen fringe events at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, a NESTA event on videogames was omitted. And it seems it’s being held outside the security cordon, which means you won’t need to wave a conference pass at someone with no neck. NESTA’s “Video Game: Friend or Foe?” will […]

Plus+ bursaries

Birmingham’s Plus+ Festival features the best in national and international graphic and typographic design. Plus+ is currently offering five bursaries to those working in… “paper-based work, 2D or 3D work, installation, or screen-based media.” If you win one of the bursaries you’ll get £200 to help you show your work at the Plus+ Festival. The […]

C03U USB mic and Asus Eee

Today I added a quality microphone to my PC kit — a Samson C03U USB for about £80 inc. postage. It has a pleasingly heavyweight 1lb. build-quality, and feels and works like the microphones I used long-ago in my radio training. The sound quality is excellent. There’s also an 8-ft. long USB cable, and a […]

GameCity 3

The 3rd Nottingham GameCity, 30th Oct – 1st Nov 08. The programme seems to have few must-be-there! events yet (er, ‘Making of LEGO Batman‘?), but the tickets are on sale now.