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The public, meet The Public (photos)

Pics from today’s grand opening-day at the £55m+ The Public gallery & building:— an opening-day set on Flickr // some pics on West Brom Blog, with an earthy review // A set from Volunteer Photographer // A small gallery of opening-day pics from The Express & Star // And Fused went to the press preview […]

Friday links lucky-dip, no.4

The annual Garden Moth Count for the British Isles, until 6th July 08. Part of National Insect Week, which has a fine website // A paranoid hat-o-phobia stalks the West Midlands // “Civility wears a hat”, writes a Birmingham doctor // Forgotten Fruits. Mmm… gooseberry pie… // The joy of not knowing how to drive […]

Toward a history of the visual arts in Birmingham and the Black Country

A quick stab at a list of the most important published scholarly papers and books, which would aid in producing a timeline history of visual arts production in Birmingham and the Black Country. In approximate chronological order… Late 18th century: Hargraves, Matthew (2006). Candidates for Fame: The Society of Artists of Great Britain, 1760-1791. Yale […]

The Lost Crown

I was very interested to hear that old-school Myst-style adventure games can still be commercially viable for game developers. One example is the new British home-brewed ghost-hunting game The Lost Crown (Jonathan Boakes / Darkling Room). The UK’s PC Gamer magazine gave it a review score of 85%, and a “must buy” tag. It’s set […]

Friday links lucky-dip, No.3

I haz a bookmarkz… Boris hums along, when Rufus warbles “There is a river running underground / Underneath the town, towards the sea…” // Closer to home, a more intractable waterway is set for yet another makeover attempt // How to subvert a bus-stop with a child’s swing // Two different approaches to grot-free new […]

Friday links lucky-dip, Nos. 1 & 2

Some bookmarks, found this week… The Museum Vaults graphic novel, part one // English lanes with steep banks, un-noticed havens of the wild // the new-found respectability of literary horror and science fiction // Steampunk crafts rising // To the lighthouse! // Britain’s bicycling tribes // The freedom to photograph // A nation of swaggering […]