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The Memory Project

The Memory Project, now in London, then going to Edinburgh and Liverpool. Like a cross between a Tardis and the time-viewer in Deja Vu…


Wrapr, a new free service. Pop your Flickr panorama into a Flash Panorama Player, and then simply copy & paste a code snippet to post it on your weblog. Test… Hmm, obviously not meant to be manually re-sized to fit a 290-pixel blog column, since that cuts off the bottom half of the image, and […]

Making music by the power of thought

People seem to be very interested in new interfaces / toys for making music, but I’ve a feeling we may be headed towards finger-less music composition sooner that we might imagine. The Emotiv thought-controlled videogaming headset (in UK shops at Christmas 08) points the way…. Imagine some near-future version of this, assuming the health-and-safety fascists […]

Thunderbird plucked

My old Windows Mail developed a niggling little problem — refusing to store and remember my POP3 password, possibly due to an apps/roaming folder-lockdown — but it was enough to make me upgrade to Microsoft’s new replacement Windows Live Mail. Which works fine, and auto-imported everything from the old Windows Mail. Along the way I […]

Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival is happening. It’s an… “…international event which attracts around 40 full-time, professional cartoonists and caricaturists from the UK and abroad”

Even the virtual car makers are closing

SEGA has announced the closure of its Birmingham-based videogame developer SEGA Racing Studio. SRS has 60 employees, but managed to get just one game on the shelves in three years, SEGA Rally Revo. It seems that the plug has now been pulled, and apparently none of the developers are being offered jobs in other SEGA […]

Lunar Scenarios

Following on from the recent BCU “Visioning the City” event, the exclusive and seemingly subtly-politically Lunar Society has an evening event for members on 22nd April 08: The Art of the Long View: Possible Scenarios for Birmingham… “…this Society meeting will give us an opportunity to engage with two leading practitioners of scenario planning. After […]

What a lotto

“£152 million [of Lottery cash] sits unspent with Arts Council England, up from £144 million last August.”

Up the Junction

TV producer David Barrie looks back on what the Spaghetti Junction could have looked like, via proposals that appear to date from a BBC-sponsored architectural competition in 1990… “Oh look, Toto — Munchkins!”


A day-in-a-student’s-life at the Millennium Point/BCU’s TIC, as the students ready their FEED show.

Poem Pavilion

Jiyeaon Song’s One-Day Poem Pavilion. Working on the same principle as a sundial, so no digital gubbins or plug sockets are required…


BayWords — free, anonymous, uncensored WordPress blogging. Although there’s one slight problem (or advantage, depending on your outlook) — it’s hosted by Pirate Bay.

Automatic video transcription

Interesting — has Adobe cracked the speed / processing-power limitations that have been holding back automatic audio transcription? Where Google and Microsoft have so far failed? ” Adobe will give a preview at NAB 2008 of technology that automatically transcribes the audio track of a video file. For editors, this will allow them to more […]

The new BIAD in Birmingham

Birmingham Eastside blog has first glimpse of what the new BIAD (it’s the largest art & design teaching/research institute outside London) might look like… The little red block seems to be the old Curzon St. station. This is what the area currently looks like, with Curzon St. station on the left… It’d be nice to […]

Free serious games showcase CD

The Interactive Digital Media people at Birmingham City University have launched a free CD promoting serious games from/in the West Midlands, featuring… 2 serious games Video content Show reel URL links to serious games sites Research & Development reports Although quite why the cover seems to show the Sydney Opera House (Australia) in the background […]

Arts information in the Google Age

The Voluntary Arts Network is holding a training event in Birmingham: “Disseminating Information in the Google Age”, on 8th July 08. £35.

Shot Up North 08

‘The North’ of England starts just above Crewe in my opinion (draw a line on the map between Chester and Lincoln). But according to those in London, it’s often just about anything north of the Cotswolds. So we perhaps shouldn’t be too aggrieved when the 20th Shot Up North photography award airily sweeps the Midlands […]

Out at night – out of sight

A new photography & words project, Birmingham: behind the scenes. Subtitled… “Out at night – out of sight : an insight into invisible work in Birmingham.” And BINS rounds up the blogging bus drivers, also a vital night-time job which keeps the city running. Incidentally, I seem to remember that Birmingham band The Denizens had […]

Middle Earth/Tolkien Weekend

Those interesting in photographing re-enactors and fannish cosplay scenes might do worse than pop along to the Middle Earth/Tolkien Weekend in Birmingham (17th-18th May 08)… “The theme this year is ‘Myths and Monsters’ and there will be dragons patrolling the field — and no doubt becoming targets of the Bowmen of Swanshurst. Using giant puppets […]

Flickr photos in Google Earth

I couldn’t find a simple everyday guide to getting Flickr’s geotagged photos to show up in Google Earth via using a KML. So here it is… 1. Download this KML file. (It’s not available through Google’s ‘Places’ / ‘Add Content’ button). Remember where you saved it to. 2. In Google Earth, right-click on “My Places”, […]