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Growing up with comics

Growing up with comics is a new comic of autobiographical social history, as remembered by comics creators…

All your LOLcats Are Belong to Us

Adobe has just launched their free beta Photoshop Express online photo-editing site… …clearly aiming for the LOLcat and LOLdog market 🙂 But watch out for the rights-grab… “8. Use of Your Content. Adobe does not claim ownership of Your Content. However, with respect to Your Content that you submit or make available for inclusion on […]

Behold the BEAST

ASMO beheld the BEAST at the CBSO… ‘Jungular’ by Ph.D student Serena Alexander [ whose thesis was ‘Spatialisation in Multi Channel Works: What does the Listener Perceive?’ ] is in four movements, namely, Jungle Floor, Water, Insects and Treetops. The first movement introduces the ambient sounds of an imaginary jungle and its inhabitants. A rainstorm […]

Kent Rogowski

Kent Rogowski‘s mutant inside-out teddy bears… … made, naturally enough, by turning teddy-bears inside out and re-stitching them. The fiend!

New desktop for springtime

My new Vista desktop for springtime, courtesy of Alex + Mel’s brush set…

Craig Holmes

Birmingham photographer Craig Holmes has just launched his new website… … a copies of his book A New Birmingham can now be ordered via Blurb…

Shaping The City

A new RIBA book about Birmingham, Shaping The City, which is pre-ordering on Amazon now for publication at the end of March 08… “an authoritative and objective assessment of the redevelopment and regeneration of Birmingham. It tells the story of how Joseph Chamberlain’s grand Victorian city was almost obliterated due to an infatuation with the […]

Spring is in the hare

‘Spring is in the hare’ — display window of Ted Baker, Birmingham New Street…

Ascent to orbit

It’s sad to hear that the great author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke has died. I grew up with his science-fiction novels (2001 and 2010, The City and the Stars, Childhood’s End, Rendezvous with Rama), and the films and comic (Kirby) adaptations of his 2001: A Space Odyssey. He had a West Midlands connection, since […]

Vista SP1

A speedy 450mb download, and it installed without a hitch… ZDnet benchmarking seems to show hefty benefits for players of Oblivion, and slight improvements over plain Vista in Bioshock and UT3…

Trains are Mint! 3 + 5

Paper editions of Trains are Mint! No.3 & No.5 are available. Mine are in the post, to sit alongside 1 + 2. No.4 is a free online special ish, which sees our hero camping in Norway. Sure to be on sale at the 5th UK web and mini comics thing on 22nd March 08 in […]

Map of an Englishman

The Strange Maps blog has a large(ish) version of Grayson Perry’s Map of an Englishman (2004). Map at actual size, on Strange Maps

TRIP 2008: Territories Reimagined

TRIP 2008: Territories Reimagined is a psychogeography festival and international conference in Manchester, 19th – 21st June 08… “TRIP brings together artists, academics, movers, shakers, do-ers and dissenters in a unique event combining an interdisciplinary conference with a citywide series of actions, exhibitions, and screenings.” There’s also an associated exhibition at the Royal Exchange Theatre […]


Blackr for Flickr, a bookmarklet for your browser toolbar. Because a glaring white background often hides the details in pictures… “it will hide everything on the [ Flickr ] page behind a soothing black canvas except for the photo. All that remains is the picture. Optionally you get a white border around the photo.” Before […]

April 1st comes early

Difficult to believe, but it seems that some people actually want to save Birmingham Central Library from demolition. It’s not April 1st yet, is it?

Lara Jade

I like these — they’re from the brand-new website of Lara Jade, formerly a student at Sutton Coldfield College, and now on the B.A. (Hons.) Visual Communications degree at BIAD… Jade also has a blog, and prints are available via Deviantart. The blog reveals things like… …she used an actual giant birdcage for the birdcage […]

Ancient Trees

A gallery of the results of the Ancient Tree Hunt 2007, a project of The Woodland Trust. Ancient tree located just south-west of Birmingham International Airport. Photo: Barry Evershed. The Trust is running an ‘Ancient Tree Hunting course‘ on 22nd May 08 at the University of Gloucester. And they’ve also just added an ‘old maps’ […]

Super LEDs, low price

One of MIT’s researchers has developed new forms of lights for use by artists… “In order to do this project, I had to design a new class of LED Light Fixture. All currently commercially available LED light fixtures are not nearly good enough for doing high-quality art […] for the sort of work that most […]

The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition

Birmingham’s Brass Goggles brings news of a The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition at next week’s Eastercon (London)… “We propose to exhibit a collection of inventions that never were and past visions of the world of today. Clockwork computers and steam servants. Mechanical monstrosities and electrical entertainments. Retro-futurism at its finest. And we need YOU to […]

Bearded + Pigeons

Bearded magazine No.8 (free PDF) has a four-page survey of the current indie music scene in Birmingham and Coventry. This tasty-looking magazine is published in Birmingham by Fleeing from Pigeons… “Free of charge, with 100% recycled, high quality, nice smelling paper entwined with outstanding writing, design and illustration. Bearded […] only covered independent music: no […]