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Pimp my Eee

Nice, a simple configurable script that automatically does necessary things for your (or my) new Asus Eee mini laptop — like installing a repository list, downloading and installing all the video codecs and fonts that the rest of the world uses, and removing the Chinese keyboard support. All my video clips play like a dream […]

Google Shock

I hadn’t realised that a Google Shock, or whatever it is ultimately called, is possible now and up and running now, albeit behind the scenes… “ has given £2.5 million to set up InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters) … GPHIN uses an internet “crawler” to scan thousands of websites in various languages […]

Grindon Moor

A lone tree, 1200 feet above sea level on Grindon Moor, in the Peak District National Park on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border. Photo by Mountain Man. Part of the Peak District National Park Flickr pool.

All leaps welcome

Only four hours left for the ‘leap-year proposal’ — all offers welcome!

Blog speedometer

Every serious blogger needs one of these… It’s a USB-powered ‘blog speedometer’. Speed of typing, and total words written per day. £19.99, on sale mid-March 08. And cheap enough for some serious retrofitting. [ via Boing Boing ]

Artists’ Book Fair

The 11th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair. Leeds, 7th – 8th March 2008.

Lens train

Should you be stopping off at the city of Stoke-on-Trent’s intercity rail station, from today you’ll find a large photography exhibition in the southbound waiting-rooms (normal and first-class).

WorldWide Telescope

Are we going to get a Google – Microsoft space-race? No sooner than Google announce they’re going to land on the moon, than Microsoft launches its WorldWide Telescope site. The WWT… “functions as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space telescopes in the world for a … seamless panning and […]

MIT’s ’10 new technologies’

MIT Technology Review has published the new annual “10 new techologies that will change the way you live” (eventually, when they’re finally deployed to the market). The most immediately interesting is “Reality Mining”, on how we might mine the data from location-aware phones. At the moment we still seem to be in the long-heralded Bluetooth […]

Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball, on DVD

It seems a timely moment for a documentary on the last great engineering and creative effort to reinvent the pinball machine — as real-world amusement arcades falter and close across North America and Canada, at the British seaside, and even in Japan. Sadly the effort failed, but the story is told in a very well-reviewed […]

Videogame fashion

Clothing in Japanese videogames inspires Paris catwalk fashion for Autumn/Winter 2008-09. Once that season is over, and the clothes are sold, it might be an interesting experiment to see the designer selling the same clothes as 3D files so that you could dress your videogame avatar or Second Life character with them.

CR on the Shell Guides

The Creative Review blog remembers the Shell Guides county series, ahead of the opening of a new exhibition at MoDA (Middlesex University, Mar—Nov 08).

A £256m bus station?

£256m for a bus station? Stoke-on-Trent desperately needs a new one, and has for over a decade, but… £256m? Surely the BBC means £25.6m? By comparison, Walsall’s new bus station cost just £5m in 2000 (although, admittedly, the local M.P. is now calling for it to be demolished). And Digbeth Coach Station (to be approved […]


Purrcast; just purring cat audio.

A city-centre ready for locative art

As a follow-up to my recent thoughts here about routes to-from-within New St. station, walking to BIAD, and public art in the city, I was thinking that — what with the billions about to be spent on the city centre — it might be useful to place on the table the idea of placing wired-up […]

Audio Game Maker released

The Audio Game Maker software for blind gamers and other creative uses, long-delayed by a fire at the developers’ offices, has finally been released as a free beta. Along with 180mb of sound-bank files. There’s also a new public domain Nintendo DS audio game scripting system. And the new Hyena interactive audio system which uses […]

Googlebots on the moon

Veerryy cool. Googlebots on the moon… “The Google Lunar X Prize is a $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon” They’ve now signed up and announced ten private teams (from 560 expressions of interest), who should launch in 2012. You may have seen it on durh […]


Following on from my posts about the conserving cemeteries conference (I now live opposite one, so it’s kind of personal) and Sutton Park (I grew up romping in it, so that’s kind of personal too), comes news that BCTV are organising a one-day conference Urban Parks: Developing Education & Community Use, on 4th March 08 […]

Culture Lab: Music & Machines

A little far away and ‘oop north, but apparently it’s free… Culture Lab: Music & Machines (PDF link) at AV Festival of the Electronic Arts 08, University of Newcastle. Step lively and sign up if interested, though; it’s on 29th Feb to 1st March 08. The programme seems to be quite interested in the idea […]

Deb @ garden

Thinking of getting your garden sorted out by a designer this springtime? Deb is in Birmingham, and last year set up her own garden design consultancy after a Masters degree at Staffordshire University. And she keeps a fab per-biz weblog, with goodies like in-gallery pictures and a review of the current Ikon gallery show Snow, […]