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Trains are Mint

Super; Trains are Mint! is coming out as a collected hardback in March 08. I’m pleased to say I already own the beautifully-produced booklet versions.

Nazi spaceships?

Secret snaps, smuggled off the set of the next Dr Who series?

New Weird

A Guardian blog, on the distinct possibility that science fiction and fantasy is where innovation in contemporary literature is at… “…while frequently characterised as unoriginal and bland, the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres had been engaged in a non-stop process of revolution and evolution stretching back to H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, through Philip […]

Rock & pop map

VisitBritain’s rock & pop “map” for central England needs a makeover. Sadly it turns out to be not a map, but a leaflet — and a fairly piffling one at that. Is this really the best that the British Tourist Authority can do? The two headliner places to visit are deemed to be… St Paul’s […]

Moon swans

Larger version, 120kb)

Light boxes

A concise and useful article in the current Design Week, on the various factors and fashions to take into consideration when displaying photographs in British galleries… “One trend is for photographs to be displayed in lightboxes, to cinematic effect … images are printed on Duratran, then sandwiched between two sheets of Perspex backlit by ‘cool’ […]

Intelligent podcasts on photography

The Metropolitan Museum of Art podcasts and National Gallery of Art podcasts both offer some excellent intelligent interviews on photography, collecting, curating and art history.

Icon‘s Will Wright interview

Icon‘s website has the full unedited version of its interview with videogames genius Will Wright. “What we’ve found universally is that when players make something, and the more unique it is to themselves, they tend to attach a lot of empathy to it, they really care about it, even if it doesn’t work that great […]

Moons of the Iapetus Ocean

At the White Cube gallery in London, Moons of the Iapetus Ocean (18th Jan – 23rd Feb 08); Darren Almond‘s night landscapes of the British Isles, showing his fifty-picture Fullmoon series — all long-exposure tripod pictures made by moonlight.

Iain McKell

From a recent eight-picture shoot for L’Uomo Vogue, by British photographer Iain McKell… McKell has a passion for documentary photography of British youth and fashion subcultures, which he’s been doing for over 30 years. His monograph photography book Fashion Forever: 30 years of youth subculture appeared in 2004 from Immprint, and is one copy away […]

Arts cancel

The Sunday Times reports that Arts Council England has cancelled a few of the more high-profile arts cuts. Unsurprisingly, those who complained loudly and had media-savvy friends — and who threatened to lead a concerted legal action — are the ones who have obtained a last-minute reprieve. The article mentions:— the Bush theatre; the Northcott; […]

Got nerd?

Got nerd? Jake at Birmingham’s MADE would like to hear from you. He posted (15th Jan 08) that C.V.’s are currently welcomed from freelancers… Graphic/Web Designers: With a particular focus on designing website house-styles in Photoshop or Fireworks and Flash movie layouts. HTML skills not a must, but experience of doing lots of professional web […]

Midlands Creative Industries Manifesto

I hear that the Creative Industries Strategy Group — headed by Culture WM — is brewing a West Midlands -wide “Creative Industries Manifesto” for 2008 release. There’s also a “West Midlands Creative Industries Balance Sheet” being written now by one of the Learning & Skills councils, possibly to form part of the basis for the […]

Felice Beato

Fifty wonderful colour pictures of the people of Yokohama, Japan, circa 1869. They were made by the pioneer photographer Felice Beato (Corfu-British, 1833?-1907?), and are presented online by MIT. My great-grandfather married a girl whose father spent years in Japan, as part of a team of British men helping to set up a tableware glassworks […]

West Midlands events in 2008

Added to the D’log sidebar, as a static page: my personal listing of West Midlands events in 2008.

Steve Gullick show in Coventry

Stoke-on-Trent -raised rock photographer Steve Gullick has a show at the Tin Angel & Taylor Johns House, Coventry, running from 24th Jan – 26th Mar 08. Half of the proceeds from the shows will go to the two venues, since they’re struggling financially. Usefully for them, he happens to be one of the best-known rock […]

Illustration for a SF story

(Large version, 80kb)

The paperless office

Not content with mucking up the ‘who gets free school dinners’ system in Birmingham, due to the rushed en-masse roll-out of a barely-tested new IT package, now The Stirrer reports that Birmingham City Council are being threatened with bailiffs and that newsagents are refusing to supply newspapers and magazines to some of the city’s libraries, […]

Gothic Balls

Lee Mason has an archive and gallery of the fine posters he made for Birmingham’s Gothic Balls events, in 2005-6. Sadly the event’s organiser combined all the year’s posters into a single poster for 2007 — presumably to save money. Still a rather nice nu-real-esque poster, though… 2007 poster. And it’s a combo poster again […]

International Conference for Creative Writing

The 11th Annual International Conference for Creative Writing will this year take place relatively near to the Midlands, and in a place very reachable by train. It’s at the National Institute for Excellence in Creative Industries, University of Wales at Bangor, overlooking the Menai Straits in North Wales. 27th-29th June 08. Deadline for submissions: 31st […]