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More nerds

Odd coincidence; I was just saying during a lecture yesterday that the UK economy needs as many nerds and techies as it can get, while touching on the changing nature of how nerds are represented in film. And today comes the policy report A Higher Degree of Concern from The Royal Society, saying the same […]

Cohen and Amis

Nick Cohen’s site has a full copy of his laser-guided Arena interview with Martin Amis.

Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter’s gothic visions of the coastline of the British Isles and the River Thames.

Firefox alt tags

By the way, Firefox users are missing out on the ‘alt tags’ in D’log images, where things like an artwork’s title and date are often placed. They’re the tiny text snippets that reveal themselves when you mouseover an image. You can easily remedy this flaw with this Firefox add-on.

BM&AG in 2008

The BM&AG 2008 exhibitions schedule is out. Some highlights… Opening on 18th Feb 08 is Lely to Turner: British Drawings and Watercolours 1640 – 1860. In an odd coincidence, the British photographer I featured on 26th Jan, Felice Beato, gets a show. From Canton to Guangzhou opens 3rd May 08. It shows the photographs Beato […]

Bats flying through the light-wash from sodium lamps

(Larger version, 130kb).


Laura Cumming in The Guardian… “the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is irrelevant to the visual arts in this country and it doesn’t matter one whit who runs it.” I’d like to think we might have cause to change our minds after Friday, if (as expected) the 20% cuts hit theatre in favour of […]

Schilte & Portielje

A new (to me) nu-real photomontagist pair, from Holland: Schilte & Portielje… They have a 90-page hardcover book, Photo Works Beyond Reality (Eigen Beheer, 2003).

Sleeping & Dreaming

At Wellcome Gallery in London:— Sleeping & Dreaming, an exhibition of 300 photographs, paintings, drawings and objects across five major themes related to the gothic imagination found in sleep and dreams. Until 9th March 08.

Models of restraint

A 16-photo series showing the rooms of Germany’s legal brothels…

Camille Solyagua

Camille Solyagua… … and Tessa Farmer is also doing similar “stick little wings on things” photography.

Foto Follies

HotShoe reviews Duane Michals’ pithy broadside Foto Follies: How Photography Lost Its Virginity on the Way to the Bank… “Never trust a photograph so large that it can only fit inside a museum.”


The darkest corner of the West Midlands, the town of Uttoxeter, could until now have been safely regarded as a Culture Free Zone. Now /insert triumphant chorus of squeaky toys here/ comes… Clutter Magazine, the UK’s best designer vinyl toys magazine… Sure to be covering the new GoGo Plastic gallery at Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

Elevator pitch

Comics 212 is still on his epic comic books tour of Japan, and has another slew of photographs online. This time, from inside comic books shops the size of skyscrapers.

Passage To India

For the past two years art collector Frank Cohen has been meeting with, researching, and buying the work of the best Indian artists — and now he’s showing the works at his 10,000 sq.ft. Wolverhampton gallery. “Passage To India” opens at Initial Access on 15th March 08. On show will be work by… “Krishnaraj Chonat, […]


Ever since finding the recent Terry & Gerry / The Dancing Did CD re-issues, I’ve been keeping by eye out for more local compilations (Slade’s Greatest Hits don’t count, awesome stompers though they were). The Brumbeat CDs looks promising and completist… 50(!)-tracks, 2 CDs, issued in 2006 and still available on Amazon for little more […]


There’s a neat new WordPress-based website for Laundry, with video. Laundry is a small group of veteran West Midlands ‘public art’ artists, an organisation which has been around since summer 06 (Mechanicalism event PDF here). Laundry includes Brendan Jackson and Pamela Wells, former Jubilee Arts heavyweights, among others. They report… “Bev and Brendan are developing […]

Rhubarb bursaries

Rhubarb-Rhubarb has announced its 08 bursaries, to enable eight West Midlands photographers to attend the Rhubarb-Rhubarb festival in 2008. Deadline: 21st March 08.

Equity stake

In today’s Times, the Chief Secretary of Equity (the actor’s union) calls for reforms at the Arts Council… “Arts Council England has become isolated from the arts it supports and is making its funding decision without proper discussion with the people who actually make the art. As a result the performing arts sector has lost […]

Indie TV

Today’s Birmingham Post reports on the state of the city-region’s declining TV production sector… “I have never known it as bad as it in now in the independent sector in the West Midlands. There have always been peaks and troughs but, at the moment, none of us can see that next peak.”