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Tactical Sound Garden

The Tactical Sound Garden Toolkit is… “…an open source software platform for cultivating public “sound gardens” within contemporary cities. … The Toolkit enables anyone living within dense 802.11 wireless (WiFi) “hot zones” to install a “sound garden” for public use. Using a WiFi enabled mobile device (PDA, laptop, mobile phone), participants “plant” sounds within a […]

Cakes of London

Mmmm… the cakes of London.

The Genius of Photography

The Genius of Photography is a welcome new BBC4 TV documentary series about the history of photography. The first programme aired on Thursday, but I understand it’s to be repeated on Monday 29th at 8pm. It’s also available in /cough/ MP4 format, if you know where to look. The comments from bloggers are glowing, and […]

Seduced by light

Seduced by light; three video documentaries about creatives working at the cutting-edge of lighting installation, using computers, location-aware devices, and new materials/technologies.


Well, my new home seems to be sadly lacking in terms of broadband speed. A week after my broadband was finally turned on, I’m consistently stuck at between 600kb/s and 1.8mb/s, despite living in a new-build flat with brand-new wiring that’s just 0.8 of a mile from Stoke-on-Trent’s main BT exchange. There’s also a consistent […]


At a time when Arts Council England appears (it may be flim-flam and spin) to have had a funding reprieve from the Comprehensive Spending Review, Spiked suggests that artists should still voluntarily withdraw from state funding, and give up learning the art of bootlicking. As one of the three options, the recent just-about-in-line-with-inflation £200m funding […]

Alan Moore video endorsement

Ooooh. Not only does Chrissie Harper get her name on the credits of the superb Steve Ditko documentary that aired recently, but now she has an uber-cool video endorsement from Alan Moore on her front page. It doesn’t get better than that.

The Architect’s Brother

All 48 images from the ‘The Architect’s Brother’ series by Robert Parke-Harrison, courtesy of George Eastman House.

Archeology of new media

A choice selection of books about the archeology of new media, and antique forms of media such as automatic organs, Lartigue’s stereo photographs, showmen’s perspective views, optical trickery in stage magic, shadow theatres, erotic mutoscopes, flip-books and more.

How manga conquered the U.S.A.

How Manga Conquered the U.S.A., a free 11-page docu-comic (PDF, 2mb) from Wired.

A new Web 2.0 video from Michael Wesch

Caravan Gallery

The Caravan Gallery; Chris Teasdale & Jan Williams have made around 1000 photos of the UK per year, since 2000, while travelling the nation in a caravan.

Metal mice

Antique-style metal armour for mice and cats. On the same website, “How to make a giant tin toy”, and other how-to’s. I’d love to see this as idea as an UT3 mod, ideally with a cartoon look; like Tom & Jerry on steroids.

UT3 demo

One of the nice things about having broadband again is that there are so many new goodies to download. I grabbed the new 750mb+ Unreal Tournament 3 demo, to give my new monitor a test-run with a late-2007 game. But the demo seems to be a case-study of what not to release, in advance of […]

Psychic Photographs

Just opened in London, an exhibition of the faked and constructed Psychic Photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries (PDF, 200kb).

Cornell’s archives online

Peep inside Joseph Cornell’s papers, ephemera collections, and archives, and riffle through thousands of scanned items. Sketch plan for Penny Arcade, portrait of Lauren Bacall (1945-46) . The first major Cornell retrospective in over 26 years (what a damning indictment of post-1980 U.S. galleries) is touring America, and Joseph Cornell : Navigating the Imagination opened […]

Hay hay hay

6,500 works of art featuring… hay.

Caeser in Manchester

Bother; I just missed a Ray Caeser exhibition, just up the road in Manchester, his first in the UK. The show closed on the 12th Oct. There’s a book of his work out, though; called Art Collection : Volume One. Or there was; it seems it has already sold out the print run and can’t […]

Lo Blue

Lo Blue‘s nue-real photocompositing, and Cornell-inspired boxes.

Wii-ing on the wall

Adobe ‘s Wii interactive holographic wall. What if your location-aware mobile phone automatically sent your own personal logo/visual-id to such a wall, the moment you moved into a space? And would then float across the screen toward the logo of a friend who you intended to meet, once they also arrived at that crowded spot? […]