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Valvepunk devices

A tasty ‘eccentric devices’ site in the mould, over at Radio Guy. We really need a new term that describes ‘steampunk-ish’ devices that date from after 1901 (death of Queen Victoria), say from 1901 to the Wall St. crash of 1929. “Valvepunk”, anyone? Update: Darn, Robert Kinsey beat me to the coining of ‘valvepunk’, by […]

SF art

Flash Art discusses the art world’s appropriation of ‘sophisticated’ science-fiction themes and the new weird. Minus the cool rocket-ships and monsters, of course; leave those to the pop surrealists, please. And leave the urban horror to the New Weird.

xposed 07

xposed 07 is a graduate photography show at Curzon St. in Birmingham, opening this Friday. Kudos to the webmaster Xavier Lihrmann for actually having the website online and fully-working before the show opens. It so rarely happens that way, for student shows!

OpenOffice grammar checker

I find that my creaky old copy of MS Word 97 won’t install under Vista. I mostly use OpenOffice, but MS Word always had one thing that OpenOffice Writer lacked – a good built-in grammar-checker. OpenOffice is likely to lack an integrated English grammar-checker until v2.4 or v2.5 (we’re now at v2.2). So it was […]

Flickrmeets at the seaside

Birmingham Flickrmeets are off to the seaside in August, visiting Weston-super-Mare.


PingMag has a short and very reader-friendly introduction to the Proce55ing application.

Oldest trees

Beth Moon photographs the oldest recognisable trees in the world. I say “recognisable” because there are now some fascinating scientific re-evaluations about what “a tree” actually is, which would see the new saplings that grow up in-and-around ‘a dying tree’ as being a seamless part of the original tree.

Quentin Lenw

Quentin Lenw’s surreal photography.

Szarkowski obit.

The London Times has a very good obituary for Szarkowski.

Now running on Windows Vista

Well, I suppose it was just as well that D’log was down at the weekend; since I finally got around to installing Windows Vista, six months after the Vista debut. As with every new fresh-install Windows O/S, it takes a day or two of hitting it with a big stick to tame and housetrain the […]

D’log outage

Sorry about the weekend outage at D’log towers. Tiscali has just bought the-people-who-bought-F2S. This means my web hosting has presumably been devolved to yet another set of techies, which may have something to do with it.

Ione Rucquoi

Lucky Exeter; it gets a large gallery show by one of the very few contemporary photographers who I think we might just safely call a ‘pop surrealist’ photographer. Ione Rucquoi’s Birds, Fishwives and Bunnygirls is on at the Exeter Pheonix until 4th August 07.

30 ideas to improve your city

I’ve put together a little printable leaflet (PDF, 380kb) that compiles and digests many of the ideas I’ve had over the years about British cities and how to improve life in them, and adds a few new ones. I’ve left out the blindingly obvious stuff; like don’t build on vegetable-growing allotments, make the most of […]

£24,500 grants

If you’re a small creative firm in the West Midlands and you want £24,500 to help you to protect your intellectual property (copyright, licences, etc) then you have until 31st July 07 to apply for the grant.

Szarkowski is dead

Oh, that’s very sad; the great John Szarkowski is dead. His life was lived in an incalculable service to photography, and I’m glad he was able to spend time again at the end of his life making his own photographs, and was able to have a book published in 2005 to accompany several exhibitions. “The […]

New film studio for Birmingham?

Interesting; a funding package is being put together to create a new film production studio in Birmingham. The site of the perhaps too-hastily demolished BBC Pebble Mill studios springs to mind.

New Brow

Another forthcoming documentary about pop surrealism; New Brow: the birth of pop surrealism has a 40mb / 5-minute Quicktime .mov trailer available. It looks rather good. There’s also the 60 minute Lowdown on Lowbrow, now out on DVD…

Sunny Southwold

If you’re set to take advantage of the single week of summer sunshine that’s forecast to happen this week, by rushing off to the English seaside, then you could do worse than to take your bucket and spade to Southwold in Suffolk. Since that’s where the Under the pier show is located, being a “mad […]

George Herrimann

The Daily Telegraph publishes a long appreciation of George Herriman, Herriman: Cartoonist who equalled Cervantes. And, talking of British newspapers and comics, yesterday’s Observer announced a new Graphic Short Story Prize.


Wow. D’log had 47,155 unique visitors during June 07.